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usmam.org is pleased to answer questions from kosherconsumers throughout the year. This organization is specifically popular throughout theweeks leading up to Passover, together is evidenced by the end 10,000 questions answeredlast year before Passover.

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This usmam.org Passover magazine can be offered as a reference guidefor much of the information that is needed throughout Passover. However, manyquestions do come up and we are below to answer them. To contact us, call theusmam.org Passover Hotline at (416)635-9550 ext. 100 or email us at . Girlfriend can additionally use ourText-A-Question business by texting your inquiry to (647)402-1910 because that yes/noquestions.

Here is a perform of the an ext frequently inquiry questionsfrom Passover 2017:

1. Walk sugar call for Kosher because that Passover (KFP) certification?Answer: consistent white street does not call for Passover certification.However, some carriers will re-pack sugar using the exact same filling machines asother products and there could be cross contamination. Therefore, staying clear of plastic containers and sugar native discountretailers (such as Dollarama) is recommended together these are most likely to have beenpacked by 3rd party companies. So to clarify:

1.2 Kilo andindustrial sugar - No Passover Certification Required

2.Avoid plastic containers and also sugar native discountretailers (such as Dollarama) as these are likely to have actually been packed by thirdparty companies

3.For thefollowing Redpath commodities – No Passover Certification is Required:

a.Redpathsugar packets

b.Redpathsugar cubes (white and also brown)

c.RedpathDark and also Light Brown Sugar, golden and irradiate Yellow sugar

4.Redpath Demerara is NOT kosher for Passover

2. Might extra virgin olive oil it is in purchased withoutcertification? Answer: NO. We recently became mindful of reports claiming that lot ofwhat is being marketed as extra virgin olive oil is in reality diluted through lowergrade olive oil, sunflower, or canola oil. Indeed, an industry expert statedthat “75-80% the the oil sold in the U.S. Go not fulfill the legal grades forextra-virgin oil.” us are right now conducting a considerable study that thematter along with the Canadian Food and also Wine institute at Niagara College.We will certainly share the results as soon as we have actually conclusive evidence. In themeantime, we have the right to only recommend extra virgin olive oil the carries Passovercertification.

3. Perform lemon or lime juice assets require KFPcertification?Answer: YES. However ReaLemon, Lemon juice, and also ReaLime Lime juice certifiedby the OU space acceptable for use on Passover also without KFP certification.

4. Walk toothpaste have to be chametz free? Answer: due to the fact that toothpaste is supplied orally, it have to be chametz free. All Colgate and also Sensodynetoothpastes space chametz free.

5. Perform sliced life mushrooms require KFP certification? Answer: NO

6. Execute spray & liquid deodorant, hairspray and also perfumeneed to it is in chametz free?Answer: due to the fact that it is theoretically feasible to distil alcohol found in theseproducts and restore the alcohol to an edible state, they should be chametz free. The same uses to dryshampoo. Every stick deodorants, however, room acceptable.

7. I beg your pardon alcohols the are found in an individual careproducts room problematic on Pesach and which are not?

Answer: Alcohol that consists of chametzcould be described in any type of of the following ways:

1. Ethyl Alcohol

2. Ethanol

3. Denatured Alcohol

4. Alcohol Denat.

5. SD Alcohol

6. SDA or SDA Alcohol

7. Alcohol

The following arenot sourced native chametz:

1. Benzyl Alcohol

2. Cetyl Alcohol

3. Isopropyl Alcohol

4. Methanol

5. Stearyl Alcohol

8. Walk frozen fruit require KFP certification? Answer: any frozen fruit, entirety or sliced, the is unsweetened andwithout additives (i.e. Syrup, citric acid, asusmam.orgbic acid, vitamin C) isacceptable there is no KFP certification.

9. I beg your pardon coffees do and also don’t need KFP certification?


a. All constant ground coffees room acceptable for Passoveruse.

b. Decaffeinated coffee: Coffee is frequently decaffeinated bymeans that ethyl acetate, i m sorry is obtained from one of two people kitniyot or chametz.Therefore, decaffeinated coffees space not acceptable there is no Passovercertification.

c. Every flavoured coffee needs Passover certification.

d. Prompt coffees regularly contain maltodextrin, i beg your pardon isderived from one of two people kitniyot or chametz. Therefore, all instant coffeesrequire Passover certification. Nescafe Taster’s an option and Folgers InstantCoffee are acceptable even without Passover certification. Please note: Nescafe Rich immediate Coffee isnot agree for use on Passover the two products do look comparable (seebelow).

10. Can I acquisition a cup of black color coffee in ~ a non-kosherestablishment such as Starbucks or Tim Horton’s? Answer: definitely not. These establishments bake items such together muffinsand donuts which space chametz and also assuch every one of the utensils supplied are chametz.

11. What drugs are recommended for children duringPassover?

Answer: The following are both acceptable on Passover and donot save non-kosher ingredients:

1. Liquid Tempra is because that children and is acceptable.

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2. Advil- kids Suspension , Infants’Drops

3. Advil- Junior stamin Swallow tablets (NOT Chewables)

4. Motrin Suspensions and also concentrated drops

5. ClaritinKids Syrup

6. (Althoughnot a children’s medication - Benadryl Exilir is chametz cost-free as well.)

12.Does frozensalmon call for Passover certification?

Answer:Frozen salmon requires Passover certification.

Frozen salmon thatis acceptable even without Passover certification:

1.KirklandAtlantic (Farm Raised) Salmon once it bears the OU symbol

2.KirklandWild Frozen Salmon only after rinsing it off (OU)

13.Is Metamucilsuitable for usage on Passover?

Answer: only the OriginalCoarse Metamucil is acceptable. It is additionally kitniyotfree.

14.How aboutBenefibre?

Answer: Benefibre isacceptable for usage on Passover in Canada. Please keep in mind Benefibre native the UnitedStates has actually a different formula and is not kosher for Passover.