Yes, we know Shipley Do-Nuts is technically a chain, but they’re worthy of a Donut Digest testimonial for a few reasons: namely, your deep Texas roots and a recent focus on the DFW area. With 15 locations in the metroplex (and contractual obligations to open up a minimum of 60 DFW shop by 2029), there’s plenty of Shipley kindness to go around. Examine out our endure at the Arlington and also North Richland Hills locations:



All DFW stores open at 5 am every day and also close between 12 pm and also 3 pm depending upon location. Your finest bet is to gain there before 8 am!


A sample that DFW locations can be uncovered below. Click here to situate your closestly Shipley Do-Nuts.

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Fort Worth:

North Richland Hills:

Web & Social:

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Cake Donuts: Yeast Donuts: Gluten-Free Donuts: Vegan Donuts: Non-Donut Food Options: Coffee: Credit map Accepted: Wifi: indoor Seating: Outdoor Seating:  (unless friend count their drive-thru’s)Merchandise:  (reusable coffee mugs in some locations, however we’d completely want a t-shirt!)Order Ahead: Nearby Attraction(s): Varies through location


Shipley Do-Nuts, a Houston native, was started by the Shipley family members in 1936. Follow to their website, the chain offers “more than 60 ranges of delicious donuts, kolaches, and breakfast roll made fresh daily and served hot.” Today, Shipley Do-Nuts is under the leadership of Lawrence Shipley, III and also is quickly approaching 300 franchises through locations in Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee. We were curious if the recipe for success was easily replicated in lot of locations.


Shipley Do-Nuts has actually a huge selection of donuts and also pastries, but access is greatly dependent ~ above location and time of day. Great news is you can stock up on a dozen or much more for your friends, family, and co-workers through barely a dent in your wallet: level glazed or cake donuts will certainly only set you back by $0.75 apiece. The bang-for-your-buck trend continues with kolaches starting at $1.50 and also coffees together low as $1.30.

In both places we visited, the donut trays were on display with open kitchens in complete view. Speak of, it’s kind of mesmerizing to watch donuts gift made, iced and also filled…But for those unwilling to get out of a car, there’s always the drive-thru window.


Shipley Do-Nuts Arlington place (top) vs. North Richland Hills (bottom)

Taste-wise, our least favorite donuts were the ones that looked the prettiest; those through purple frosting (vanilla-flavored) and chocolate frosting v sprinkles. Bummer.

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Shipley Do-Nuts = classic Texas donuts and also we love the Shipley family for pass them come the southerly masses. You can expect a ton much more Shipley shops to popular music up around the DFW metroplex in the coming year too. Plus few of the shops deliver themselves! speak to your regional Shipley store for an ext details.

As far as donuts go, the plain ol’ glazed beats the end Dunkin’ Donuts glazed (and numerous others) any day of the week. Currently that autumn season has actually begun, we’ll be ago for more pumpkin freckles donuts and apple fritters. When we’re there, we’ll more than likely sample part kolaches and cinnamon rolls…has anyone tried?