An American skilled freestyle and also street skateboarder, Rodney Mullan is just one of the topmost richest skateboarders through a network worth of $30 million.

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Giving a distinct identity inventing many moves, Mullen is taken into consideration the best street skater.

Despite gaining diagnosed with pigeon toe, when he had actually to wear foot braces, Mullen’s an abilities never faltered. In fact, that is responsible for developing impossible moves like flat ground ollie, heelflip, 360-flip, and more.

Thanks to his unparallel skills and dexterity through the feet, Mullen has been called the “Godfather the Street Skateboarding.” and we can’t agree more.

Rodney Mullen is a skilled skateboarder, entrepreneur, and also many more

Besides, skateboarder Rodney Mullen maintains his net worth as a agency owner, inventor, and public speaker.

It all started once Mullen got acquainted with a skateboard from his community friend. Similarly, after that, he exercised with his sister’s surfer friends, fully geared.

Now, Mullen, with plenty of honorable Awards, impacts other aspiring skateboarders in the world.

Quick Facts

Relating an ext about skating and Rodney Mullen, here are few of his rapid facts.

Full NameJohn Rodney Mullen
Known asMullen, Rodney
NicknameRodney, Songbird of Skateboarding, Godfather that Skateboarding, Applesauce & Balance Master
Birth DateAugust 17, 1966
Birth PlaceGainesville, Florida, united States
ResidenceGainesville or Hermosa Beach, unified States
EducationPK Yonge, college of Florida
Father’s NameJohn Mullen
Mother’s NameAnn P. Mullen
Age55 years old
Height5’11” (181 cm)
Weight73 kg (161 lb)
Eye ColorGrey
Hair ColorLight brown
Body typeAthletic
ProfessionSkateboarder, Entrepreneur, Inventor & publicly Speaker
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseTraci Mullen
Name of ChildrenN/A
Beginning of experienced Career1977
Playing styleA mix the style, including some vert
Sports teamN/A
HonorsAll-time greatest activity sports athlete,The Transworld Reader’s an option Award for skater of the Year,The cheat of the Year
Net Worth$40 million
Prize MoneyN/A
Social MediaFacebook,Instagram
MerchTrading Card, The Mutt(Book)
Last UpdateOctober, 2021

Rodney Mullen | net Worth and Income

The Godfather of Street Skateboarding, Rodney Mullen, has a worthy network worth of $40 million.

Likewise, many of his earning room from skateboarding, together he is the most prominent skater in underpants history.

Indeed Mullen is a expert freestyle and street skateboarder; he additionally earns from being a agency owner, inventor, entrepreneur, and also public speaker.

Moreover, in 1980, Mullen was teamed up through Powell-Peralta skeletal Brigade involvement a slip squad, setup B, which was once a high profile. Later in 1997, he released another company with the surname A-team.

Meanwhile, Mullen has likewise appeared in console video clip games that the agree Skater collection by Tony Hawk.

Hence, Mullen is taken into consideration to be the biggest street skater created for inventing countless skateboarding tricks.

In fact, Mullen likewise earns extra from his endorsements that street skateboards and also investments in several various other companies.

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Rodney Mullen | House and Books


This top-listed skateboarder noted his hilltop residence in Ojai for $1.449 million in 2015. Similarly, he provided the splendid mansion as having 360-degree see of the surrounding valley floor and also mountains.

Additionally, the home is a mid-century modern-style develop in the 1970s the resonates a casual and also chic feel. Moreover, the is equipped with slate floors, wood-paneled doors, and also windows.

In addition, the house functions a rustic kitchen through a copper sink, spacious dining and living areas, two bedrooms through two and also a half bathrooms, and also an ‘abstract modern’ fireplace.

Furthermore, a decade ago, Mullen bought it because that $740,000 and eventually offered it because that $1.449 million.

Also, his current residence is believed to be in Gainesville, yet no information around his house has been reported.


Publishing a dramatic life story about his very own life, Rodney Mullen authorized a biography titled The Mutt: how to Skateboard and also Not death Yourself.

Furthermore, the publication was published in 2005, which describes the cheat that changed the sport. Overall the publication has 4.5 ratings.

Video Games

Just as having actually an attention in gaming and having a nice companion in it, Mullen additionally appeared in video games by Tony Hawk.

Moreover, some of his various other appearances to be on Tony Hawk: American Wasteland, Tony Hawk: providing Ground Underground, and also Tony Hawk: underground 2.

While the recent one wake up to be Tony Hawk: Ride.

Rodney Mullen | Lifestyle

Indeed being referred to as a legend in the skater community, Mullen’s whole lifestyle is linked with skateboarding.

Moreover, the method he talks and his gesture; he plainly exudes slip vibes.

It is a sort of myth the skaters normally love come wear baggy stuff with shaved hair. However Mullen clarified the dressing sense for skating is a tiny bit broader than anyone think of.

Like if baggy clothing are cool, climate the skateboarder will certainly wear chop pants and also the very same with chop pants. In addition, the clarifies that there’s an essence of rebellion the is means more fashionable.

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Globe & Sponsorships

Besides his dressing style, Mullen is linked with a shoe brand, ‘Globe,’ as the product itself additionally came native Australia.

Rodney Mullen | Charity

From the very beginning, Rodney was permitted to skate just if every the safety procedures were followed. And also growing up v such a father that is also a doctor, Mullen has actually sponsored end ERA-EDTA.

Meanwhile, ERA-EDTA is a europe Renal Association also the europe Dialysis and Transplant Association. Similarly, they try their finest to administer education for all nephrologists for them to apply in daily practice.

Thus, Mullen is likewise an ambassador the the Skatepark job that builds quality and legal places to exercise sport, including skate.

Back in the day, Mullen organized an event where skaters can get a opportunity to fulfill him and also receive the tour of the world’s largest skateboard manufacturer, Dwindle Distribution, in Los Angeles.

Rodney Mullen’s signed skateboard

Similarly, Rodney Mullen has locally participated in charities in spite of announcing a vast amount because that charity, spending work signing autographs, and also performing live skate demos.

In addition, that has likewise given away totally free accessories prefer his shirts, skateboards, and hats.

Rodney Mullen | Endorsement and also Investments

Mullen’s devotion over skateboarding is legit as needed that driven skateboarding come the height unforeseen.

In 1989, he ended up being a co-founder and also principal investors in people industries with one more world championship, Steve Rocco.

Similarly, in 1997, Mullen developed the A-Team skateboarding company with various other skateboarders choose Marc Johnson, Dave Mayhew, Chet Thomas, and also Gershon.

On the other side, Mullen was additionally involved in a skateboard-trunk designing agency with another company named ‘Almost Skateboard.’

Accordingly, as the firm sold the end to world International for $26 million, Mullen again landing a partnership in the same firm under the Dwindle distribution brand.

Additionally, the is likewise a listed speaker speak on varied topics as science and spirituality.

Rodney Mullen | Career

Starting skateboarding from 10, Rodney Mullan has actually performed in the US open up Championships’ Freestyle leg.

Besides, seeing his enthusiasm for skateboarding and impressed through his skill, skateboard manufacturer Bruce Walker made decision to sponsor him.

Rodney Mullen skateboarding at a really young age

Before the 1970s, Mullen was already into sports training with all of his efforts and also earned thirty consecutive wins in neighborhood amateur skateboarding competitions.

And at the tender period of 13, Rodney Mullen won the nationwide competition in Oceanside, California, in 1979.

You deserve to watch the ideal of Rodney Mullen’s Freestyle Tricks, all below >>

Further, in 1980, that beat the people champion, Steve Rocco, racking increase the victories.

Likewise, by 1990, Mullen won all yet one in every one of the 35 freestyle competitions the he completed for.

Moreover, Mullen joined the skateboarding team, arrangement B Skateboards, afford goals and also reaching the pioneer level that freestyle skateboarding and also earning popularity in 1991.

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Rodney Mullen | Awards and Achievements

The Transworld Reader’s choice Award for ska of the Year – 2002Named together ‘all-time greatest activity sports athlete’ on the too much Sports Channel’s ‘Legends the the Extreme’ – 2003Skateboarding room of call in Anaheim, California – 2003The cheat of the Year – 2016


“Rarely is that a concern of talent or technique at those levels; it’s simply one the belief.”“That’s the nature the the love, you know, it’s got hate in there.”“I see people with talent and all those things, but the one point they don’t have is just that love for the services of act it.”


What is the marital condition of Rodney Mullen?

Rodney Mullen to be married come Traci Mullen in 2000. However in 2013, his mam filed for a divorce.

What room Rodney Mullen’s developed skateboard tricks?

Rodney Mullen developed the topmost skateboard tricks: Handstand flip, Primo Slides, Impossible, Airwalks, 360 Flip, Kickflip, Heelflip, flat-ground Ollie, caster slide, and darkslide.

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Which firm does Rodney Mullen own?

Rodney Mullen owes a company named almost Skateboards.