Did girlfriend forget her phone in the freezer, or execute you plan on offering it a cool break?

Learn what can happen to her phone as soon as it’s placed in the freezer v this detailed article.

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Is your Cell Phone safe in the Freezer?

We’ve all accidentally placed our phones down in weird locations before. From leaving the in the vehicle to finding that kicked under the sofa, cabinet phones have the right to seem to have a psychic of their very own sometimes.

Many of us have also tossed phones into the trash or put them in the fridge while placing away leftovers or tossing garbage in the trash.

And yes, putting your cell phone right into the freezer can occur too. However should girlfriend panic?

Should you soon grab her phone and head out to the repair shop?

Here is what happens if you placed your cell phone in the freezer.

The very first Possible Problem: Battery

What could happen completely depends on just how long friend left the phone in the freezer. If it sat in the freezer for a few hours, chances are nothing of real consequence will occur to it.

However, what wake up if friend left your cell phone in the freezer overnight? The longer you left her cell call in the freezer, the an ext likely an issue will arise.

There room two real troubles that might take place when it concerns a mobile left in the freezer. The very first has to execute with the battery. The second has to perform with moisture.

Freezing cold temperatures is not good for batteries. Girlfriend may have noticed your cell phone battery does not last as long when the end in the cold (the very same is true for any other digital device). So, the freezer could end increase draining the battery.


That could not sound also bad, but the real trouble is if it’s therefore damaged, that is unable to host a charger as soon as it returns to room temperature. The battery can only have the ability to hold a minimal charge, it might start to dice unexpectedly, or it could not organize a charge at all.

The second Issue: Moisture

The second issue is moisture. Your freezer shouldn’t have actually much condensation going on inside. Ideally, however, over there is the opportunity that over there is some moisture in ~ the waiting of the freezer if the freezer door was left open up for more than a few minutes. When warm air enters the freezer, that will reason anything the is frozen to give off moisture, which deserve to then linger in the air.

If her cell phone is in the freezer and there to be moisture in the appliance, it’s possible that some moisture will work out on the cell phone. Moisture and electronics are not a an excellent match.

Now, that doesn’t median your call is instantly shot if moisture did, in fact, touch and also settle on the phone. This is in reality where having the battery diminish quickly have the right to be a saving factor and might stop an high value repair.

What If Moisture obtained Inside The Phone?

Moisture deserve to touch an electronic maker as lot as that wants. As lengthy as there is no electrical current flowing v circuits, it have to be fine.

However, cell phones get so many notifications this days that can be difficult. So if humidity did get in your cabinet phone, and also you did no receive any notifications, and also the phone call didn’t ring, the display screen didn’t light up, and nothing went off. For this reason there’s a great chance nothing will then have actually happened to your phone.

If, however, humidity did end up in the phone, and also you got a message message, an application sent a notification, or someone tried calling you. When that notice goes through, the cell phone will certainly shoot off a little electrical current from one phone area come the other, informing the phone to vibrate, chirp, ring, or execute something else.


If over there is humidity on the circuit board where an electrical current is flowing through, it might shorten the entire phone. When there is a quick circuit in the phone, it’s an overwhelming to know specifically where the short took place, and you might need to replace the whole phone.

What must You carry out First?

Should you uncover your cell phone in the freezer, you have to follow a very certain list of steps.

First, for sure don’t press buttons to check out if the works. This is the last thing you need to do. Yes, you’re certain curious, however if over there is moisture and also it hasn’t yet received a notification, you might end up killing the phone yourself by activating the screen and also triggering the electrical response.

Instead, you need to very first remove any and also all removable aspects of the phone. Expect you have actually a removable battery. Take this out first. Then, take out your center card.

Many phones, choose the Apple iphone phone or Samsung Galaxy phones, do not have actually removable batteries, so you can’t take them out. However, also if you can’t execute this step, make certain to eliminate the center card.

Removing the SIM

If you have actually a sim card, there will certainly be a small, pin-sized opened somewhere along the phone’s edge. The precise placement the the sim card will count on the make and also model of your cell phone. If you space not sure, or if friend can’t seem to discover it, look up the sim card ar online.

Once you have located the little hole, take a safety pin or staple, insert it right into the hole, then pry up. Over there is a specialty center removal device that her local service provider (such as Verizon or T-Mobile will have actually available), but you can usually prevent this by using a clip or thin safety pin. It is in gentle once prying out as the tray is top top the delicate side.

Once the center card is out set it aside.

Warming and also Drying the Phone

You’ve more than likely heard of civilization putting their cell phones right into a bag the rice after dropping the call in the toilet or sink. Rice helps absorb and pull the end moisture native the device.

Now, friend will most likely not have actually this type of humidity on her phone. If there is any moisture, it will certainly be minimal.

You can place her phone in a bag the rice if you’d like, yet in this instance, carefully wrapping it increase in a record towel will certainly be simply as good. ~ all, you desire it come sit in a room-temperature location and also warm increase naturally. Utilizing a record towel will enable some airflow while absorbing moisture as well.

Just stop trying to heat the phone up yourself. Execute not pull the end a hairdryer. Acquisition an electronic machine out of an extremely cold environment and placing it right into a heat to the hot setting may reason some electronic materials to go from contracting come expanding. This rapid adjust may cause internal problems.

Instead, just allow your cell phone to warm to room temperature naturally. And also just in instance there was any moisture present, you’ll desire to let this take ar for number of hours. Leave it prefer this as soon as you walk to work, then examine on it once you get earlier home.


Or, if you found your cell phone in the evening, let it dry and warm increase overnight. This will certainly give enough time to dry (if necessary) and also return to normal operating temperatures.

Powering On

Now is the minute of truth. After letting your cell phone normally return to room temperature, insert the center card back into the phone and place the battery earlier onto the phone (if you might remove it in the very first place.

Press and also hold the power button and wait for a response. If the phone does rotate on great, yet make sure to monitor battery consumption. Girlfriend may notification the battery cannot critical as lengthy as it to be able to before spending time in the freezer.

So just be conscious this might be miscellaneous you have actually to deal with (but instead of a battery on your cell phone call is much less expensive 보다 replacing the phone itself).

But what if the phone call doesn’t turn on? that doesn’t necessarily median you should replace the phone. Instead, affix the phone to a charger, let the sit for several minutes, and then shot to power it ago on again if still associated to the charger. It’s possible your call battery simply was depleted when in the freezer and didn’t have any kind of charge left.

If it transforms on, allow your mobile to totally charge up and also then disconnect. Again, make sure to monitor the strength to check out if over there is any type of drop-off in usage time or if the phone randomly turns off as soon as it hits a specific remain charge percentage.

Still Doesn’t Work

If her phone tho doesn’t work, the is time to take it it in. You’ve done every you can for it, and also now you need the professionals to offer it a look. If you have cell phone call insurance top top the phone, girlfriend might have the ability to have it changed for free.

Some credit cards also have cell phone coverage for your phone if girlfriend purchased it utilizing that specific card (AMEX uses this with particular cards, together do other credit card providers). So, even if you have to pay the end of pocket, you have the right to at the very least be reimbursed by your credit card company.

And, if friend don’t have insurance coverage and your credit card does not sell cell phone instead of coverage, now can be the time to begin looking at instead of phones.

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Some phones to take into consideration next time will certainly be water-resistant phones. This will minimize the opportunity of moisture acquiring into the cabinet phone and damaging the in the future, should you ever accidentally put the call in the freezer again any type of time soon.