I’m obtaining a medicine test following tuesday, how have the right to i flush the thc out of my device bcuz ns going come smoke this weekend. Ns going to fail it one of two people way, execute the tests in ~ the medical professionals office tell exactly how much thc the you have actually in your mechanism or carry out they just say pass or fail?



+ take it creatine (work out supplement) work-related out as crazy, drink tons of water.

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I as soon as read a an excellent flush on reddit by someone who warked in a pharmacy. Yet can’t discover it now.

Good luck!



Drink numerous water. Ns didn’t bother with any kind of detox besides 8 glasses the water the day; and also I’m a chronic user. Tested totally free of drugs and landed in the height 1% the america’s health(it was for insurance).

I think it has a lot to do with her body weight/ human body fat/ metabolism though. I have a monster metabolism that cycles pretty much anything v within the day. I’m sure that aided me in washing the residue from my system. Friend should shot doing much more than simply drink water if you’re median or heavier.

Drink numerous water! and also sweat out choose crazy. Walk sit in a sauna because that a bit. Room you skinny? If so, drink part alcohol, and also piss every other two minutes. :P

Go to a neighborhood head shop and ask if castle sell any detox drinks. Puriclean is a good one. Make certain you drink the entirety drink and also refill the container v water and drink that and also 2 much more bottles of water. Piss twice prior to you take her test. The third time girlfriend piss friend will present up clean. Also smoking this weekend is probably not a good idea.

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xdiodude7x, By the time I short article this, I’m sure you will have already taken the test. How’d it go? any kind of of the release work?

I’ll bang this v my own personal situation.

Here room the facts as ideal as I have the right to recall lock (not due to the fact that I have negative memory, but because the intake was infrequent once it happened)

-My first time ever before using weed occurred sometime in mid-September that this year-I supplied a vaporizer for that first time, and also for every various other time after except the most recent experience-Times i vaporized weed equal no an ext than 10 times, only when per day, and these 10 times were stretched over a period of mid-September to mid-October.-Last time utilizing weed (and an initial time actually smoking it): October 21st, 2012-Time of medicine test was today, November 7th

I have actually no exercise routine and also am overweight, though recently have seen a loosening of mine pants. Anyone through insight have actually an opinion ~ above whether ns am in the clean or not?