Dairy Queen stores room usually franchises, so hrs of operationare approximately the franchise owner. In locations where it in reality getscold in the winter, the owner might see tiny point in maintaining anice cream store open.

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Some Dairy monarchs are "Braziers", which method they have a grilland serve hamburgers as well as ice cream and also frozen novelties.These are much more likely to remain open.

At least a few DQ franchises space "walk-ups" v no insideseating. This are less likely to remain open.

A pair of concrete examples:

The DQ stores in St. Joseph, MO are (at the very least when i was livingthere) walk-ups without braziers and also did not remain open up in thewinter.

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The DQ save in Cameron, MO (40 miles away, so approximately the sameweather) had a brazier and a drive-thru window and DID stay openin the winter.

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