Because i can’t be trusted to cut my hair an ext than double a year, it was shit luck that I dropped for the high-maintenance eyelash extensions I got prior to my wedding:


Left: Me in ~ my bridal shower, stretching mascara to the max. Right: Me on mine wedding day through eyelash expansions (and zero mascara).

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Here space some things I wish i knew prior to getting castle in the very first place:

1. Eyelash extensions are not the very same as short-term lashes.

Typically, semi-permanent lashes are applied by a technician who hand-glues the expansions on height of your organic lashes, says Courtney Akai, a new York City-based extensions expert with an ext than 12 years of experience. With proper care (more on that later), they have the right to last for six to eight weeks till they naturally autumn out favor your lashes generally do.


2. Eyelash techniques are continuous evolving.

Whereas the classic, most widely used method involves using a single lash extension over your herbal lash, the Russian Volume method (also described as the Volume method or 3D lashing) is a newer trend where the technician places up come eight ultra-fine extensions onto each herbal eyelash because that a fluffy, thick, fanned-out effect, claims Andra Ciulei, master lash specialist in ~ the Courtney Akai Lash Salon.

3. Expansions aren’t a one-size-fits-all situation.

So you desire Kim Kardashian-level lashes? Great—but the doesn’t median your eyes deserve to handle them. “The form of lashes you can acquire all depends on the length and strength the your herbal lashes,” states Ciulei. “Wearing lashes that space too lengthy or also thick for her lashes have the right to actually cause damage in the lengthy run, so you must make your sure your extensions aren’t also much much longer or thicker 보다 your organic lashes.”

Katie Buckleitner
If all that sounds confusing, don’t freak—a licensed lash professional will aid you do the finest decision for her lashes, including what type of material you need to get, such as mink, silk, or some other kind that synthetic. Mink is generally pricier, feeling softer, and also looks an ext natural; however, part synthetics, i beg your pardon are highly customizable, can additionally look and also feel natural and also end up costing as lot as or an ext than mink. Then, you’ll need to pick your density (more lashes develop a fuller look); curly (the steeper the slope, the an ext dramatic the effect); and length (a matter of personal preference, really).


Katie Buckleitner
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4. You have to lay low for at the very least 12 hrs after application.

Most technicians will tell you no to sweat, cry, swim, or wash your challenge for at the very least 12 hours after getting expansions to give the adhesive a opportunity to dry. “Eyelash adhesives vary while they require to cure, from either 12 come 24 hours depending upon what glue her stylist uses, yet that first 24 hours the most essential time framework for save your lashes long-lasting,” claims Ciulei.

5. Extensions room expensive and also time-consuming to maintain.

While extensions are generally dramatic sufficient to give you the same effect as mascara, i m sorry isn’t reusmam.orgmended for use on optimal of extensions since it can damages them, don’t child yourself right into thinking extensions will conserve you money on makeup in the long run.

In brand-new York City, a basic collection (typically 70 come 80 lashes per eye) have the right to put you ago at least $100, yet upward of $400 for application by the many experienced technicians. And then you likewise have to tip. Plus, the entire experience have the right to take increase to two hours. And because eyelashes grow and eventually fall out, you’ve additionally got to go ago every few weeks because that fill-ins, i beg your pardon can price anywhere from $50 to $165, depending upon how many brand-new lashes you need.


PSA: The much longer you go between fill-ins, the an ext lashes you’ll need to replace, and the much more it will price you—but if friend wait too long, your technician can just desire to give you a brand-new set of extensions, quite than a fill-in.

6. Expansions make daily eye makeup pretty lot unnecessary.

When I an initial got extensions, i knew they’d be stand-in for mascara, however I didn’t realize that they’d offer me the illusion of wearing eyeliner, too. I’ve never worn a ton of makeup during the day, but I stopped wearing eye makeup completely the work after my wedding. Ns still felt selfie-ready every 2nd of mine honeymoon, and also still feeling pretty mainly whether I’ve just rolled the end of bed or gotten earlier from a run. And, TBH, feeling simply a bit an ext put-together during my beforehand morning, barefaced gym sessions is a significant perk, too.

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7. They obtain in the way when you execute want to wear eyeliner (or eliminate it).

When unique occasions have dubbed for more of a dramatic assembly look, I’ve discovered it incredibly an overwhelming to apply an easy eyeliner. The exaggerated angle of the lashes can block her view, making it tough to see where the liner is going. If you carry out opt for liner, though, “Always walk for an eyeliner with a soft pointer that applies evenly without tugging, as opposed come the very dry kind that take numerous strokes to apply,” says Ciulei.