Last week i uploaded a music video clip by casting Crowns titled, “Does Anybody hear Her?” (it is posted at the bottom the this post).

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The song has a an effective message that tells that hurting civilization who space desperately in search of hope, peace, and relief from the ache in their lives.

The lyrics likewise beckons to christians by recall them the there space lost and also lonely people in need of Christ and serve together a wake up speak to that urges united state not come forget whereby we’ve come from, for souls are hanging in the balance.

So if there are hurting world searching because that hope, love, and relief indigenous pain, why don’t we check out them?

As I’ve request myself this question, ns reflected back to the time as soon as I first became a Christian and remembered the excitement and desire that I had actually to re-publishing Christ through others. I dislike to admit that over the years my zeal has actually slowed at bit, and I fear that I have lost many methods to re-publishing the good news with those in need of it.

So what causes that? perform you think in our busyness to prosper in Christ, that we start coming to be numb, or remote to those that live outside the kingdom of Christianity? Is it the excitement with brand-new found christian friends that we come to be unintentionally exclusive? Or can it be that we are so busy doing church, the we have forgotten to it is in the church?

As I’ve watched the music video, ns couldn’t aid but think about the warning offered in Revelation thing 2: 2-5 whereby Christ addresses the church in Ephesus.

2 – “I know all the points you do. I have actually seen your tough work and also your patient endurance. I understand you nothing tolerate evil people. You have actually examined the cases of those who say they space apostles however are not. Friend have found they room liars. 3 You have actually patiently suffered for me there is no quitting.

4 – “But I have this complaint against you. You nothing love me or each other as you did at first! 5 – “ Look how far you have fallen! Turn ago to me and do the functions you did in ~ first. If you don’t repent, I will certainly come and remove your lampstand from its place among the churches.”

I to be thankful come God in giving us Christian tune writers who can, v their music, provoke thought and admonition to go back to our very first love, and also get earlier to loving others as Christ would have it.

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If girlfriend haven’t had actually a possibility to listen and also watch the video, I would encourage friend to take a couple of minutes to receive the message that the shares. You deserve to watch it at the bottom the this post. Below are the text to “Does Anybody listen Her,” brilliantly written, brilliantly conveyed. Give thanks to you casting Crowns.

“Does Anybody hear Her”

She is running…A hundred miles an hour in the not correct direction

She is trying…But the canyon’s ever before widening…In the depths of her cold heart

So she sets the end on an additional misadventure just to find…she’s another two year older…and she’s three an ext steps behind

Does anybody hear her? have the right to anybody see?

Or does anybody also knows she’s going under today…Under the zero of our steeple…With every the lost and lonely people…Searching because that the hope that’s tucked away in you and me

Does anybody hear her? can anybody see?

She is yearning…For shelter and also affection…That she never discovered at home

She is searching…For a hero come ride in…To journey in and save the day

And in walks her prince charming…And the knows simply what come say…Momentary lapse of reason…And she provides herself away

If referee looms under every steeple…if lofty glances native lofty people…Can’t see previous her scarlet letter…And we never also met her