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Gee, yes, they can swim! we purchased a an extremely nice vest with a handle for Sammy, who was a front-leg amputee. Once we arrived on the beach, after carrying the darn point a mile come the beach, someone threw a ball into the water and also away Sammy went. We assumed he might swim in circles, however he swam prefer a champ!

Sammy also swam after the round every day for 4 months at the lake in Michigan. Us made him avoid periodically come rest, and he hated that. To spite us, i suspect, he started digging in the sand v one prior paw — which fear the heck out the me. That looked favor a vapor shove!

I came to believe there to be nothing a tripawd couldn't figure out a method to execute if they want to bad enough. They are amazing!

Beth and Spirit Smilin' Sammy

Smilin" Sammy, in march 16, 2004 – Dec. 5, 2011Golden retriever, diagnosed through osteosarcoma in September 2010 — appropriate front leg amputated November 2010. He combated valiantly to continue to be with us; yet a 2nd diagnosis the osteosarcoma, this time in his left prior leg, was more than our gold warrior could overcome. He love his load — and everyone else he met. We loved him even more.Thanks because that the pennies, Sammy. Lock helped.

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15 February 2012 - 3:14 pm

gemstone272 said:

I can't comprehend how he will have the ability to swim with just 1 front leg...

We assumed that too, but you will likely be as surprised together we were once we experienced Jerry swim!

Be sure to inspect out the various other amazing 3 legged swimmers in Jerry's Tripawd Dogs swimming playlist native the YouTube Channel...

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Support to honor your 3 legged heroes & angels!

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15 February 2012 - 7:19 pm

YES!! Bo always loved come swim and also that didn"t readjust when he ended up being a Tripawd. We made that wear a to rise coat , although the didn"t think he needed one.