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Access your saved cars on any kind of device.Receive Price alarm emails when price changes, brand-new offers become accessible or a automobile is sold.
You"re currently logged in together and also will get alerts as soon as price changes, new offers become easily accessible or a auto is sold.
Access your saved cars on any kind of device.Receive Price alarm emails once price changes, brand-new offers become accessible or a automobile is sold.
You"re now logged in together and will obtain alerts once price changes, new offers become accessible or a car is sold.
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If you haven"t familiarized yourself through all the dashboard symbols in your 2017 evade Durango, you might find it a little difficult to decipher specifically what it is your Durango is trying to tell you. Besides, no everyone to know the difference between warning lights and indicator lights. Come make your life easier, we have put together a substantial dashboard light guide, detailing what each light way for you and your vehicle.


Read the 2017 dodge Durango dashboard irradiate guide and learn what these lights are, what they mean, and where come go for car maintenance and also repairs.

Warning Lights

Airbag Warning. The symbol for the airbag warning irradiate depicts an airbag being deployed ~ above a passenger. This light will show up briefly when you first start her vehicle and also should disappear quickly after. If the light continues to be on or appears while driving, you need to take your Durango to her local automobile maintenance center to ensure her airbag is to work properly.

Anti-lock Brake Warning. An "ABS" light will appear in bold letter if there are any type of issues through your anti-lock brakes.

Battery fee Warning. This light appears in the shape of a battery to let you understand your Durango"s battery isn"t correctly charging. See your local vehicle maintenance center immediately to stop battery issues.

Electronic stability Control break down Indicator Light. When you see this warning light, this means you space experiencing traction-related issues. The symbol is that of a car swerving ~ above the road.

Electronic throttle Control. The illuminated shaped of a lightning bolt within a set of closed parentheses will show up when over there is a difficulty with the electronic Throttle control system.

Low Fuel Warning. A gas pump symbol will appear if your Durango is low on fuel. If you watch this light, girlfriend should gain yourself come the nearest gas station and fill up.

Low Tire pressure Warning. If your tires have actually low wait pressure, her TPMS indicator will let girlfriend know. This symbol shows an exclamation allude inside of a tires shape. If you require air, check and also make the suitable adjustments once safety permits.

Malfunction Indicator Light. This light appears in the form of one engine whenever her Durango has actually an engine-related issue. Make certain to obtain your Durango come a trusted vehicle maintenance center instantly so her engine it s okay the treatment it demands to last for years to come. 

Indicator Lights

Cruise manage ON Indicator. When your cruise manage is set to the "ready" position, you will see an image of a speedometer.

Cruise Control collection Indicator. You will check out a speedometer with an arrow pointed at her speedometer as soon as your cruise manage speed is set.

Door open Indicator. This dashboard irradiate depicts an open door. As soon as this dashboard light come on, don"t worry-just make sure every one of your doors are closed properly.

Electronic Stability control OFF Indicator. The photo of a swerving automobile with the word "OFF" beneath it will appear to indicate that your Durango"s ESC system is off.


Front Fog irradiate Indicator. A headlight symbol v sideways beams and also a heat running through the beams will show up when her fog lights are on.

High Beam Indicator. A headlight prize with directly beams will show up to show that your headlights room on high beam.

Liftgate Ajar Indicator. An image of an SUV through an open liftgate will appear. This lets you recognize you must close the liftgate.

Oil Life Reset. When your car is in require of an oil change, friend will view a blog post that says, "Oil readjust Due."

Park/Headlight top top Indicator. You will see 2 headlights encountering each other as soon as your headlights or park lights are on.

Stop/Start Indicator. This symbol appears when your Durango"s Stop/Start duty is in "Auto Stop" mode. You will check out an arrowhead that creates a curved arch about an A".

Turn Signal Indicator. These arrows flash in the direction you are transforming when you usage the rotate signal lever.

Vehicle defense Light. A circular irradiate will swiftly flash for around 15 secs while the protection alarm is arming. The speed of the flash will slow as soon as the alert is set.

Windshield Washer fluid Low Indicator. If you see a dashboard irradiate that shows up to be a windshield and also wipers, simply know it"s time come refill her windshield washer fluid.

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We carry out You v the services You should Keep friend Going

Whatever difficulty you might be enduring with your Durango, Freehold dodge is right here to aid keep friend on track. If you"re in the area of Monroe Township, Farmingdale, Freehold, or Asbury Park-you can count on united state to make sure your evade Durango is running smoothly and will last because that years to come. Call us today to learn much more about our services and also to schedule your vehicle maintenance or repairs.