I overheard a claim that this phenomenon is only existing in and Japanese. I"m no well versed in sufficient other language to understand whether this true, and also I discover it unlikely to it is in so. When I check to search for examples, I uncovered that i don"t know what this is called, or if it also has a name.

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So, is there a surname for groups of words v these relationships?

Bonus points: do you know of various other languages in i beg your pardon this phenomenon exists?

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I don"t think there"s an created word for it.

It"s sort of the contrary of one eye rhyme, wherein the words space spelled the same but don"t actually finish with the very same sounds (e.g., show and now). So girlfriend could call it an ear rhyme.

But usually, we simply use words rhyme because that this, and also don"t distinguish between the situations where the words finish with the very same letters or not.

There"s a word because that it in French: rime pour l"oreille (literally, rhyme because that the ear), which is a rhyme which doesn"t necessarily satisfy the French poetic criteria to it is in a rime pour l"œil1 (literally rhyme for the eye).

1 In classic French poetry, words had to rhyme both because that the eye and the ear. The rules for rimes pour l"œil most likely seem a small esoteric for speakers; for example, doux and also nous were allowable rhymes, yet you weren"t enabled to rhymethese words through tout, regardless of the reality that their pronunciations are do, noo, and also too.

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Peter Shor Peter Shor
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It"s referred to as "assonance" definition "sounds the same". As you note, words perform not have to be assignment the exact same in order come sound the same.

‘Sounds the same’ is what assonance means.

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