Where deserve to you buy colored contacts in stores? contrasted to as soon as colored contact lenses very first debuted, you have the right to now discover them in countless stores or by looking for them online.By now, ns am sure that you have actually read someone’s fear story about colored call lenses. There are some very interesting story out over there don’t get me wrong.

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One thing that the bulk of the bad stories have in common is that the contacts were bought from part convenience store, jewelry store or some out that the means beauty it is provided store.

If a friend of yours that wears prescription glasses provided you their glasses to wear however you do not undertake prescription glasses, would you tho wear them? No. Then what would make friend think that any of the areas I pointed out above, recognize anything about prescribing colored contacts for her eyes?

My suggest is this, also though colored call lenses are available with and without a prescription, they have to still be prescribed by an eye doctor.Many people opt not to visit a actual eye doctor because they carry out not want to pay for an eye exam. What plenty of fail to know is the eye exam is a crucial part of the process.

Eye medical professionals are no out to just collect a fee. An eye exam provides crucial information such together if her eyes are also healthy sufficient to stay any form of contact lens.

An eye doctor throughout an exam, additionally takes measurements of your eye. Why? colored contacts and also regular clear contacts space not one size fits all. The fancy contacts the you uncover at regional stores that room not doctor offices, space one size fits everyone is to buy them and that is no good.

Did you recognize that the “tear film” is what keeps her eyes wet? here are some things that can impact the tear film and cause eye irritation.

Being in a room that has actually a high temperature.

Reading for lengthy periods that time.

Not blinking enough or blinking more than 30 time in a minute.

Air constantly punch in your face.

Staring at her phone, tablet computer or computer screen because that extended amounts of time without resting the eyes.

Dusty or powdery environments.

Bright or very dim lighting.

Industrial or household chemical fumes.

Constant eye rubbing.

Cosmetics choose blush, cover-up and also mascara.

If your eyes are constantly or acquire irritated easily, girlfriend will more than likely have a problem wearing any kind of call lens.

The colored call lenses that you can find outside that doctor’s offices are virtually 100% of the time disposable contacts. Disposable is another word for “throwaway”.Disposable contact are typically meant come last for 2 weeks or 14 wears. They space not expected to last forever or even 90 job after they have actually been taken the end of your packaging.

Disposable contact lenses with or without color are not supposed to it is in slept in either. If you want to be able to sleep through your contact in you need expanded wear contacts.

The main distinction besides expanded contacts being able to be worn much longer than disposable contact is that they space thinner and also allow much more oxygen into the eye.

Forgetting or failing to clean your contacts and also your contact lens situation can reason eye irritation or eye infections together well.


Should You even Bother

You have to make the last call regarding if you want to address colored contact lenses and also their responsibility.

There space some amazing advancements underway for world that do and for those that want to wear contact lenses. Medical professionals are currently able to surgically place contact lenses under the cornea so you don’t have to worry around removing them in ~ all. Doctors are now also able to eliminate the brown or black pigment in her eyes to expose their true color.So where deserve to you buy colored contacts in stores? you can speak to it a store yet I contact it the eye doctor’s office. I carry out not think you must risk your vision because that a good deal top top colored contact lenses.

No, i am not your eye doctor yet I have actually been wearing contact lenses since I was in high school. Also if girlfriend buy prolonged wear contacts, it is tho a an excellent idea to take them the end at night so the your eyes deserve to rest.

If the colored contacts that you buy space non prescription, wait and also put lock on after you are finished v the rest of her makeup. This will lessen the possibility of any tiny pieces the mascara and eyeliner gaining on or under your contact lens.

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Always wash your hands prior to touching her colored or regular call lenses even if your hands look at clean, they room not clean enough to stick right into your eye.