Keywords: habitat, carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, Venn diagram; class Level: fourth grade; total Time because that Lesson: 30-40 minutes; Setting: class

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principles to it is in Covered

animals need food, water, shelter, and an are to survive. Herbivores deserve to live only where tree food is available. Carnivores deserve to live just where lock can record their food. Omnivores can live in plenty of places since they eat both plants and animals. Habitat is the physical area whereby an animal lives.

goals for the Lesson

Students will name the four determinants necessary for animals to survive. student will define herbivore, carnivore, and also omnivore. student will understand the principle of an pets habitat.

products Needed

inside wall drawing paper

teaching Model: Introduce-Guided Reading-Discuss-Define-Summarize-Evaluate

State Standard(s) Addressed: requirements for Environment and Ecology (4.6.4A)


"In today"s lesson us will comment on what pets need to survive. You will likewise learn the group for pets according come what they eat."


Reread great the an initial sentence. To survive pets need food, water, and also a safe home. location Venn diagram on overhead with simply the three key words (herbivore, omnivore, carnivore) listed. have students express to write-up to specify each word. Create the definition for every word onto the overhead showing that herbivores eat plant parts, carnivores eat other animals, and omnivores eat both plants and also animals. Ask student to use this understanding to determine exactly how what an animal eats determines where they must live. Herbivores deserve to live only where plant food is available. Carnivores deserve to live just where castle can catch their food. Omnivores can live in numerous places because they eat both plants and animals. have actually students name instances of every group. List on overhead. "Now the we"ve questioned that pets need food to survive and the different types of food pets need, who deserve to name the second factor crucial for animals to survive. Water is the 2nd factor crucial for pets to survive. make a perform of different areas water deserve to be acquired by animals. Puddles, springs, streams, and also ponds are locations where pets can gain water. "We"ve called two determinants necessary for animals to survive: food and also water. There are two more. Watch again at the very first sentence in the article. Come survive, pets need food, water, and a safe home. I said there are two an ext factors crucial for pets to survive yet the sentence just lists one: a safe home. Skim the article once again and also see if you can understand why i say there space two an ext things we must list." allow the students to reread or skim short article for a couple of minutes. Questioning for volunteers to perform the staying two factors. The last two determinants are both component of a safe home: cover and space. Define and discuss each word. Ask students to summary the needs pets have come survive. Food, water, cover, and space. Introduce final vocabulary word-habitat. Define (an animal"s habitat is where the pet lives. The habitat has everything it requirements to survive) and also discuss.


have actually students draw a photo that shows an animal in a natural environment. The snapshot must incorporate every items vital for the animal to survive. Once their picture is finish they need to write a an overview of your picture. The i must define the animal in the picture as an herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore. The composing must also reflect earlier to the components necessary for their animal to survive. The creating must likewise be grammatically and mechanically correct, and neatly written.


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5. 4-H Wildlife preservation Program, Unit I.