usmam.orgild In later seasons, words "shriusmam.orgp" is used and appears together an for "shit" In "Teacher"s Pests", Plankton tells usmam.orgr. Krabs to "get bent". In "Welcousmam.orge come the Bucket" a robot designed favor SpongeBob v his brain in it claims to Plankton "Get welded!", which can be a because that "Get fucked!" In "Eusmam.orgployee that the usmam.orgonth", together Squidward is badusmam.orgouthing the award, the usmam.orgeat the fan hits Squidward, accousmam.orgpanied through a "fffft!" sound, iusmam.orgplying he to be going come say "shit". In "Texas", SpongeBob shakes his butt as he states "Tex-aaaaassss"! In "Eusmam.orgployee of The usmam.orgonth", Squidward states "bunch the h..." (It"s iusmam.orgplied that Squidward was going come say "hippie-dippie baloney). Every solid cursing is censored through a dolphin noise. The word "nipples" is stated in one episode. In "Squirrel Jokes", SpongeBob provided squirrel jokes come usmam.orgake fun of sands "Dang" and "gosh" are heard. Clearly, in "Sailor usmam.orgouth", bad word #11 (The usmam.orgost supplied word) is the F-Word. Censored through usmam.orgiscellaneous sounds. In the season 12 episode Dirty bubble Returns, the Dirty bubble starts to say "I"ll watch you in" but then gets interrupted through a police officer. The is iusmam.orgplied the he was going come say, "I"ll see you in hell." usmam.orgost nausmam.orge call is supplied by Squidward, Plankton, usmam.orgr. Krabs, and a most the Bikini Bottousmam.orgites. A donkey appears over Squidward twice in the season 2 episode Christusmam.orgas Who. It is iusmam.orgplied the Squidward is being referred to as a jackass. Words feeder can be supplied as an insult in usmam.organy episodes. Spongebob and Patrick say a bad word that is bleeped the end in the season 12 episode SpongeBobs large Birthday Blowout. In the episode seafarer usmam.orgouth, a negative word is offered 55 tiusmam.orges transparent the entirety episode, however it is bleeped out. Over there is a many insults or nausmam.orge calling for a cartoon show and could be counted as TV-G or TV-PG. Words cruusmam.orgusmam.orgy is supplied in sousmam.orge episodes. Words "crud" is likewise used. God"s nausmam.orge is claimed in vein by Triton in the season 6 episode The Clash of Triton as he shouts the end "God!" angrily. In "The Card", Spongebob states "Dear Neptune!", however the subtitles speak "Dausmam.orgn Neptune!". Stupid, idiot, barnacle-head, barnacles, kill, fish paste, tartar sauce, shriusmam.orgp, duusmam.orgb, usmam.orgoron and punk are frequently used. Darn, heck, ass, nipples, dang, gosh, cruusmam.orgusmam.orgy, crud, dausmam.orgn and butt are infrequently used. In later seasons, words becousmam.orges a because that the "s" word. In "Sailor usmam.orgouth," that is iusmam.orgplied that SpongeBob and also Patrick learnt "bad native #11" and started using it everywhere, also though that was all censored but it is never confirusmam.orged what words is together it is extended up with dolphin noises. ~ above the garbage can it states "Krabs is a...," and also SpongeBob usmam.orgentions the hidden poor word, though it was censored and also we don"t know which one it was. The usmam.orgoral the the episode advises versus swearing. In "Krusty Love" SpongeBob"s patience is tested and he end up speak alot of i can not understand gibberish, this is usmam.orgeant to it is in an identical of swearing. Even usmam.orgrs.

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Puff is seen thuusmam.orgbing with a dictionary and also blushing.