The movie"s about a biginternational competition in mountain Francisco amongst six world-class pianists whoare fighting because that a $20,000 an initial prize and a two-year concert contract. Themovie has two counterpoints come its main theme. One entails a love affairbetween two of the finalists, Richard Dreyfuss and Amy Irving. The various other one,ridiculous however forgivable, involves a Russian piano teacher that defects come theUnited States, developing an international incident that reasons the competitionto it is in postponed a week. 

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Both of this story lines are somehowtime-honored, when we realize that The vain is no intended together a deadlyserious writing on big-league pianists, however as an offbeat love story. Dreyfussand Amy Irving have actually a actual charm and also rapport together the 2 lovers, especially inthe scenes where they argue the love has absolutely no location in a piano competitionnot if it"s being provided as a emotional weapon come undermine among thecompetitors. That"s specifically what Amy Irving"s piano coach (Lee Remick) thinksthe dastardly Dreyfuss is trying to do. 

There space three locations that the movie it s okay into,superficially yet earnestly. One has to do through the compete itself through theidea that artists competing with one another. Another has to execute withrelationships between men and also women: will certainly the love affair between Amy andRichard be destroyed if she must win? exactly how will his breakable male ego be ableto take that? The third has to do with the idea the the artist"s career, and hereRemick has several great scenes and intelligently created speeches, together she triesto describe the realities the a concert career to Irving. 

There is, the course, a many music in thismovie, in addition to all the scene of romance, backstage butterflies, internationalintrigue, and also self-examination. And also The Competition walk an especially jobof persuading us that the actors are really play their very own pianos. They"renot. Remain for the credits if you desire the name of the genuine pianists ~ above thesound track. But Dreyfuss, Irving, and the rest really look as if they"replaying, and also it take it them 4 months of everyday rehearsal to discover to fake it sowell. 

The vain isn"t a great movie, yet it"s awarm, entertaining one. It has the nerve to tell a story about serious,interesting, complicated people, that are complete of surprises, since JoelOliansky, the writer-director, has thought about them and cared sufficient aboutthem to let their individualities lead that down unanticipated avenues. There"s onlyone significant lapse: the inclusion, after two hrs of great piano compositions, ofLalo Schifrin"s disastrous song, "People Alone," sung through Randy Crawfordover the finish titles together if no one of those good composers must be enabled torest in peace.

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