The actor tells THR that doesn"t mind fancy wedding, together featured in the upcoming film "Breaking Dawn," however he simply doesn"t "want to wear a silly outfit."


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart finally acquire married in Twilight break Dawn component 1. OK, their characters Bella Swan and Edward Cullen obtain married and then take a fabulous dry honeymoon and consummate the marriage. We’re not giving away any kind of spoilers because there may be someone out there (under a big boulder) who doesn’t know what happens next. Hey, anything’s possible.

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Anyway, the wedding is collection in the woods v a Midsummer Night’s Dream decor including a canopy of white blossoms, the aisle scattered v petals, garlands, flickering candles, a giant cake, and also giant tree stumps. Bella’s Carolina Herrera wedding gown is one elegant white satin gown with lengthy sleeves and also aa sexy see-through lace back. Native the front, it quite reminds us of Kate Middleton‘s bridal gown. Bella also wears a low veil on partially braided hair, a sapphire and diamond hair clip and some very high white heels. Edward’s tux is an Edwardian lengthy black tailed affair v a white vest.

At the four Seasons today, us asked Pattinson, if — having been a part of the big fancy Breaking Dawn wedding — he would ever want an intricate wedding in genuine life.

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His studied reply: “It walk seem choose a little bit of a hassle. Ns was just doing one interview through Kristen (Stewart) and also she obtained angry through me because that saying that the groom’s duty in a wedding is basically just as a prop. Also playing the part, it’s such a clear indication of whose day that is as soon as you’re standing at the finish of the aisle and also the whole congregation is looking the various other way. And also you’re in the very same suit as every male in the wedding and she’s a princess dress walking under the aisle. Any kind of guy who tries to get associated in arranging a wedding or also has an opinion ~ above what the wedding need to be is yes, really ridiculous. It’s everything your wife decides to do.”

So that’s a no? “I really don’t mind,” that admitted. “I just won’t desire to have to wear a stunner outfit.”

Unfortunately, us didn’t acquire to ask plunder our various other question: if he would desire to it is in in the shipment room once his future wife gives birth to your future baby. ~ the controversial Breaking Dawn birth scene (which Rob defines as “something out of a Luis Bunuel film, being stuck in between an emaciated dummy’s foot chewing a placenta and getting cream cheese everywhere your face and also strawberry jam and also pulling the end a 3-week old (rubber) baby through a wig on.” We concern that this endure may have scarred him because that life.