We all have actually that one favorite dessert we have the right to eat over and over again, yet trying a brand-new one indigenous time come time will aid you uncover so many new flavors. There space hundreds of various desserts the end there, and today we’re concentrating on desserts that begin with the letter M.

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Check them out and pick the dessert you want to try next. That knows, probably it’ll it is in your following favorite treat.

Desserts That begin with The Letter M

1. Madeira Cake

This firm yet light sponge cake is most commonly flavored v lemon. People tend come eat it for breakfast in addition to tea. It’s similar to a yellow cake or pound cake.

There’s no evidence that this cake originated in Madeira, despite its name. In fact, it’s British. Human being here favor to eat it v a glass of Madeira wine, so it is the factor for the confusing name.

2. Macarons

This vibrant cookie sandwich is composed of two meringue macaron shells and a sweet filling. The recipe includes ground almond flour, egg whites, and also sugar. The filling can be make from cream cheese, extracts, real fruits, egg whites, chocolate, etc.

These funny cookie sandwiches are available in assorted colors, relying on the food colour used.

This vulnerable dessert was designed by Italian chefs earlier in 1533, but it was later perfected by the French right into the Macarons we understand today.

3. Macaroons

Macaroons are not the same dessert together macarons. Even though they have actually the same size and also shape and also both come from France, macaroons contain sweetened condensed milk, almonds, shredded coconut, egg mixture, and other flavorings.

They room soft and fragrant, and also many consider them together coconut-y biscuits. So, if you a fan of coconut, you’ll be crazy around these cookies.

4. Marshmallow Pie

This delicious and fluffy dessert is all about the pillowy marshmallows. It’s sweet, creamy, and a item of heaven. One of the finest things around this dessert is that you don’t need to bake it, so it’s super easy and quick to make.

5. Madeleines

This small sponge cake is native to Liverdun and Commercy in France. It’s well-known for its beautiful and characteristic scalloped covering shape.

These bite-sized cakes room usually consumed hot through coffee as a an initial thing in the morning, or v tea in the afternoon. They room made with an easy ingredients, however they do demand patience, attention, and precision.

Madeleines room most typically topped with confectioners’ sugar, yet sometimes they space paired through chocolate. Both combinations space delicious.

6. Marzipan

This popular confection is made with ground almonds and honey. The an ingredient in various desserts, including chocolates and also cakes, and also molded right into decorations and also shapes approximately the holidays. You can additionally eat it favor candy.

Marzipan has actually a sweet taste and also smooth texture. Earlier in the center Ages, this well-known flavoring was offered for dealing with physical and mental disorders.

7. Millefeuille

Here’s an additional French delicacy that starts with the letter M – Millefeuille. That the flakiest, butteriest French pastry consists of great of super thin pastry and also rich and creamy pastry cream.

The most typical toppings include cream and chocolate, pastry crumbs, cocoa, fondant or icing.

This dessert might be classic, yet it’s difficult to perfect. The an initial Millefeuille recipe showed up in 1651, yet its exact origin is quiet unknown.

8. Meringues

This light, sweet, and chewy candy or dessert is connected to Italian, Polish, French, and also Swiss cuisines, hence the different types with varying uses and also consistencies.

Meringues space soft and also chewy ~ above the inside but crispy on the outside.

They space made v sugar and whipped egg whites, and an acidic ingredient prefer vinegar, lemon, or cream the tartar. The most typical flavor of meringues is vanilla, a little amount of orange juice, or apple juice,

9. Mousse Cake

When girlfriend think about mousse cake, friend think the smooth, fluffy, and also airy. A mousse cake is made v whipped cream, whipped egg whites, or both. They space flavored v coffee, chocolate, pureed fruits, caramel, or different spices and also herbs choose vanilla and mint.

A mousse deserve to be creamy and also thick, or light and also fluffy, depending upon the preparation methods. This vulnerable cake is typically chilled before being served. The cold temperature provides the structure of the dessert denser.

10. Moon Pies

Moon pies consist of two graham cracker cookies and marshmallow pour it until it is full in between. Castle are an extremely popular in the USA. The dessert is obtainable in an ext sizes, however the most usual one is 4 customs in diameter.

The key flavors the moon pies are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana, and also salted caramel.

11. Mochi

This Japanese treat is person that is abnormal chewy because of the main ingredient Mochigome – short-grain gelatinous rice. Extr ingredients encompass cornstarch, sugar, and also water. Some of the most typical fillings encompass red mung bean paste, flavored cream, and also matcha.

People must be careful when eating this Japanese rice cake because the chewy texture might be a little tricky, and sometimes also deadly. Apparently, this dessert can cause choking in the elderly.

12. Mississippi dirt Pie

This chocolate-based pie is composed of a crumbly chocolate crust and also gooey coco topping. The law is commonly served v ice cream.

The reason why this dessert is called Mississippi dirt Pie is the its density reminds the the financial institutions of the Mississippi River.

You can discover it v whipped cream topping sprinkled with cocoa powder.

13. Mint coco Chip ice Cream

This one-of-a-kind ice cream smell marries cacao chips and refreshing milk. Although it was produced in Britain, nowadays is an ext popular in the USA.

In particular areas, this ice cream is dubbed peppermint bon bon. No matter just how you contact it, the creamy, smooth mint cacao chip ice cream is a genuine feast for her taste buds. Perfect because that those spring for straightforward dessert to serve up ~ dinner.


Now that you know every one of these delicious desserts that start with the letter M, you have the right to start trying castle one by one and also see what works ideal for you.

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If girlfriend know any other law that begins with this letter, feel cost-free to add it to our list.