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Jack and also Charlie Lovick provided the horses for the movie and found the men to ride them. Castle told the film crew what looked right and what looked wrong and also they took them come the most beautiful components of the victor High Country. Charlie’s own buckskin equine Denny was the equine that the “man”, played by Tom Burlinson, speak in the movie. During filming the the sequel, there to be an un-planned loss by horse and rider, and some civilization thought that the equine Denny died as a result. The information on Yahoo listed below shows the the Lovicks did not answer an enquiry around the fate that Denny.

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The Lovick family members has a website currently, if you want to have a look at it.


A web page from the official Fan website of Tom Burlinson mirrors that Denny survived the movie and also lived till 1999 when he pass at age 29. Walk you understand that Tom Burlinson additionally played the strapper, Tommy Woodcock, in the Phar Lap movie? You have the right to visit the official Tom Burlinson Fan site by clicking the connect below.

Tom Burlinson official Fan Site

The Wow Horses website has obtained a an excellent list the top horse movies, in ~ the link below. The site provides links to video clip trailers that the movies.


The site listed below lists the top 30 U.S. Rated steed movies, however I have actually not however watched “All the pretty Horses” i m sorry is rated number 1 in the list. The book was composed in 1992 by American writer, Cormac McCarthy, whom won the National book Award for Fiction, and also is component of the “Border” trilogy the books.

Having no watched it myself, ns don’t know how countless horses show up in the movie no one what prestige horses have actually in the movie.

Signed very first edition duplicates of “All the quite Horses” are currently selling for thousands of dollars, displayed here, for this reason it need to be a quite well preferred book and also movie.

Top 30 equine Movies perform

Phar Lap

The website, ilovehorses, has an excellent information around the movie War Horse and around other horse actors, such as Phar Lap, born on 4 October 1926, in new Zealand.

The equine that played Phar Lap in the 1983 movie to be a 17 hand chestnut gelding called Towering Inferno. He was of Thoroughbred and Australian Waler breeding, and found ~ above a ranch in Melbourne, Australia. The film’s horsemaster, Heath Harris, bought Towering Inferno indigenous his owner after ~ filming finished, and took that on many personal appearances come raise funds because that Australian charities. Towering Inferno died in 1999 at 26 year of age.

Also, the website “ilovehorses” watch at horse actors like Hightower, pictured below, whom played Pilgrim in the Horse Whisperer with Robert Redford.

photo link

The equine star of the recently released movie, War Horse (written through Michael Morpurgo) is a California-bred Thoroughbred gelding called Finders Key. The equine master on the film, Bobby Lovgren, own “Finder” and also selected his steed for its capacity to take direction and also look animated throughout the intense scenes. Finders crucial or Finder, as he is likewise known, was also the star in the movie Seabiscuit. I have both check out the publication Seabiscuit (about a racehorse) and also watched the movie, and also enjoyed both.

Altogether, 14 various horses were used to play Joey’s duty in the movie, chosen based upon how carefully they resembled Finder, as described in the ilovehorses website below.


The book , “War Horse” talks about a painting of the horse, Joey. Specifically commissioned for the movie, artist Alexandra (Ali) Bannister, painted a picture of the battle horse, come be provided in the movie. Ali Bannister has actually prints that Joey because that sale, at her website below.


Mr Ed was a popular series about a talking Horse, that started in 1961. Mr Ed to be played by a palomino horse referred to as Bamboo Harvester, trained by Les Hilton. They gained him to talk, not by placing peanut butter in his mouth (according to some rumours), however by to run a slim fishing line v the hourse’s mouth and pulling top top the string when they wanted him come talk. When the string to be pulled, Bamboo Harvester would certainly “yaw” or move his lips, which looked choose he was talking. He was an clever horse, and got to no mind this, and also even to anticipate once he was expected to “talk”.

After Bamboo Harvester passed away in 1970, reportedly from being offered too much sedative as soon as he had actually colic, the promoters didn’t want to disappointed children worldwide by saying he had actually passed, therefore they just got a replacement because that him.

The pretended that Bamboo’s “stand-in”, a horse dubbed Pumpkin, to be the original Mr Ed. However, they to be in a dilemma, as soon as nine years later, the print stand-in horse (a different horse come Pumpkin, and also of unknown name) died in 1979.

When this horse, which was featured in the photograph shoots rather of the actual Mr Ed horse actor, died, there was such a clamour and grieving, that the actor, Alan Young, whom played grandfather Ed’s owner in the movie, go not have “the heart” to tell the general public that that was not the first horse actor the played grandfather Ed that had actually died.

It was twenty years later in 1999 that the general public was informed that the original steed that played mr Ed, Bamboo Harvester, had passed away prior to his replacement died.

The publish horse, the unknown name, but still vital in the Movie series, and not Bamboo Harvester or Pumpkin, was given a gala send-off through fans dedicated to the an initial Mr Ed horse, who wrongly thought that the equine that passed in 1979 was Bamboo Harvester.

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HorseWyse newspaper – September 2004 editionhttp://www.horsewyse.com.au/inc/sdetail/342/487

I have already written around the steeds in the lord of the rings Movie, which can be check out at the attach below.