room YOU THE greatest SELENA pan IN THE WORLD? fine if not, then how about you gift the ONLY person in civilization with the GUARANTEED, 100% iron CLAD Collectible. This KEY, #158, is the actual room an essential from the days INN on navigation Blvd., body Christi, Texas (no longer there). The hotel was the website of her fatality by Yolanda Saldivar in 1995. Mr. Rueben DeLeon, Sales Manager because that the job Inn, has actually testified as the star witness for the prosecution that he was a vital witness to SELENA's fatality on march 31, 1995 he additionally Held she at the time of death. There is a room an essential and a key to the safe for room 158. He discovered Yolandas Salvidar's purse 4 work after the murder in the room safe. Mr. DeLeon was offered the tricks after the attempt by the owner of the work Inn to keep after requesting them. THIS IS THE ONLY crucial TO ROOM 158 and to the ROOM SAFE. NO OTHER secrets WERE ever CUT. Yolanda Saldivar to be the last human being to it is registered in room 158 and the room number was readjusted after SELENA's death. This has been sworn to and also notarized as displayed in the pictures. You deserve to GOOGLE SELENA and also verify the over information as to the death and also trial of SELENA's killer as well as to Mr. Deleon's statements and also testimony relenten his position and also presence. The sale is because that the 2 tricks (ROOM & SAFE) indigenous the work Inn in body Christi, Texas on march 31, 1995 and the sworn and notarized statement together provenance indigenous REMEMBER you are gaining the only secrets in existence to the critical room SELENA remained in at the time she was murdered by Yolanda Saldivar. Liquidate Texas, Inc. TX inhabitants will be charged 8.25% sales taxes upon acquisition of article (State regulation Requirement). Every items have to be payment within 3 job of auction close. Fail to comply will an outcome in the filing of a Non-Paying Bidder alert and also the item will certainly be re-listed. Liquidate Texas, Inc. Is one auction listing service. The items stood for are being sold on consignment. Liquidate Texas, Inc. Acts as the bailor of said items and also holds every items for the bailee until the items room sold. Liquidate Texas, Inc. Defines all items come the finest of its abilities. However, Liquidate Texas, Inc. Does not accommodate returns and does not sell a guarantee on any type of item. All items are offered as is without any warranty, expressed or implied, regardless of the description. Liquidate Texas, Inc. Holds chin to the highest possible of standards and also its integrity is stood for by the feedback it receives. Buyers should feel totally free to ask any kind of questions around an item prior to bidding. Buyers should speak to Liquidate Texas, Inc. In ~ 24 hrs of shipment if they are unhappy through their item. Liquidate Texas, Inc.'s office number is . We will certainly not integrate shipping on fragile items. Messages and also e-mails will certainly be confirm throughout the work from 8:00 a.m. Come 6:00 p.m. CST Monday thru Friday. Periodically messages and e-mails will be answered on Saturdays. SHIPPING: All develops of payment need to clear prior to items are shipped. Liquidate Texas, Inc.'s shipping prices are not negotiable. A little fee is charged to sheathe the cost of packing materials and also labor. Liquidate Texas, Inc. Need to pre-approve merged shipping. If a buyer bids on an ext than one item the the person who lives must educate Liquidate Texas Inc. Prior to the an initial auction ends. If Liquidate Texas Inc. Authorize this inquiry a new shipping price will be calculated. International buyers please contact us because that shipping rates prior to bidding! Liquidate Texas, Inc. Will accommodate alternative forms that shipping, yet the buyer should send a notice before the end of the auction and it need to be approved. Buyers will need to allow three (3) to five (5) days after Liquidate Texas, Inc.

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