One the the an excellent Daft Punk sampling mysteries has finally been solved after resourceful Redditor uncovered the main sample indigenous Daft Punk"s 1997 track, "Fresh".

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Until this week, nobody knew which monitor Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and also Thomas Bangalter sampled for your track "Fresh", which attributes on the duo"s legendary debut album "Homework".

Apparently, the Redditor to be randomly looking through old disco documents to sample for his own music, similar to Daft Punk were earlier in 1996, and came throughout Viola Wills’ 1981 disco tune ‘If You leave Me Now’.

Immediately, he establish he"d heard the track"s main hook before, and after a little of check realised he had actually stumbled throughout the very sample the Daft Punk had used for your track "Fresh".

There"s a handy video clip below i m sorry shows exactly how the sample to be looped, pitched, fed with a fill of EQ"s and then paired with muffled 909 kick for Daft Punk"s version.

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Check it the end below.


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Andrew Rafter
Friday, might 12, 2017 - 19:21
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