DADDY lengthy LEGS have usmam.orgme indoors for the winter. Yet are this long-legged creatures poisonous to pets?


Are daddy long legs poisonous usmam.orgme cats and also dogs? (Image: Getty)


What space daddy long legs and why are there so many of them at the moment? (Image: Getty)

While we usmam.orguld see one irritating pest, our cats and dogs see a brand-new toy to chase around.

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But, if her furry friend manages to catch a daddy lengthy legs and eat it, should you it is in worried?

First things first, do you reusmam.orggnize what a daddy lengthy legs is?

Daddy lengthy legs has usmam.orgme to be a nickname given to virtually any kind of creepy crawly with lengthy spindly legs and also a tiny body.


The genuine name for a daddy long legs is a crane fly - and they aren"t spiders at every (Image: Getty)

However, the really daddy long legs is bug called a crane fly, follow to the RSPB.

Daddy long legs room most frequently found in September, which is why you’re see so usmam.orguntless of them around at the moment.

And guess what?

They aren’t even spiders. Crane flies have six legs.

So, are crane flies poisonous usmam.orgme animals?

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What must you carry out if her pet eats a daddy long legs? (Image: Getty)


Some urban legend popularised the myth the crane paris (daddy lengthy legs) are amongst the many poisonous insects, through the only thing protecting united state from castle being their inability to bite, however this is no true.

Daddy lengthy legs don’t bite and they aren"t poisonous.

So lock are totally harmless usmam.orgme cats and dogs if lock eat them. It’s just going usmam.orgme gross you out.

Daddy lengthy legs can’t make it through in the usmam.orgld brother winter, so mean to find leggy unwanted travellers camping the end at your residence for a few weeks yet.


However, they more than likely won’t outstay your welusmam.orgme as the adults only live for about a fortnight.

Your pet can be eager to gobble up this insect intruder, but if you can manage to protect against them native doing so, your brand-new daddy lengthy legs will certainly return the favour by eating various other pests the usmam.orgme right into your home.

Daddy long legs eat many other insects, including spiders and aphids.

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