(Mumford Procedure)

Distal Clavicle excision is a procedure supplied to act impingement in the shoulder. Shoulder impingement is a painful condition in which the space between frameworks in a share narrows, causing parts to rub or pinch that normally would not, which is very painful for the patient. This procedure treats impingement in the acromioclavicular (AC) joint to return the patience to pain-free mobility. Distal clavicle excision also known together the Mumford Procedure this is a medical operation carry out to enhance shoulder pain and discomfort through excising the lateral end of the clavical Those suffering from osteoarthritis in the Acromioclavicular joint can opt because that this procedure when non-surgical alternatives are unsuccessful The surgery can be perform through open or arthroscopic procedure. A regimen of physical therapy following surgery is prescribed and most patient experience full recovery in 8 to 10 main post-surgery.

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Preparation for Distal Clavicle Excision

A history, examination and few lab testsThe surgeon normally orders X-Rays, one MRI, CT Scan, or EMG come look into the joint before the procedure.Patient need to stop anti-inflammatory drugs favor aspirin at least a week prior to surgery.Medications gift taken because that other problems like diabetes, love disease, blood pressure must be ongoing with advice from the dealing with doctor.History of smoking cigarettes or alcohol drinking should be told to the surgeon. Smoking must be stopped if feasible as the interferes with the wound healing.Recent history of cough, cold, fever, viral infections, or various other illnesses need to be educated to the surgeon.Patient is not allowed to eat or drink anything at the very least 8 come 12 hours prior to surgery except essential medicines with sips that water.Make certain to receive all the equipment needed after ~ going home like a shoulder sling, ice cream packs or coolers.

Distal Clavicle excision Surgery

A variety of half-inch incisions will certainly be do to enable the arthroscope to get in the shoulder joint. A sterile saline equipment will it is in pumped into the share both to cleanse it and also to expand it for much better visualization. The surgical staff may additionally pump air into the joint to create much more room to watch inside the joint. While watching a screen that shows a intensified image that the within of the shoulder, the surgeon guides the arthroscope to do a variety of procedures in ~ the joint.

After removing any degenerative or damaged tissue approximately the AC joint and bursa bone spur from the acromion, or repairing the rotator cuff, the surgeon offers a operation cutter to remove the last half-inch native the clavicle. The surgeon may then relocate the arm to test because that impingement. The patient might be discharged adhering to the procedure, or may remain in the hospital because that one or two days

Recovery from Distal Clavical Excision

The shoulder is usually spanned with dressings and immobilized by a sling. Fingers need to be relocated to enhance the circulation.Vitals space monitored by trained nurse because that at least fifty percent an hour. After this, patience is moved to basic ward.Patient might be discharged ~ above the very same day or may need to be admitted overnight. Pains relieving medicines are given to the patient.Shoulder sling is commonly advised to use for about three to six weeks. Follow-upSwelling have to be monitored and sling have to be provided strictly for 2 days after surgery. The ice cream packs must be used three or four times a day.Some drainage of blood or liquid can occur during first 2 days.Sling must be used continuously because that first few days. But, intermittent usage of the sling may need to be ongoing for three to 6 weeks.Bathing come be began after 7 work of the surgery.

Distal Clavicle cut Complications/Risks:

Blood coagulation (very rare)Surgical wound infectionReaction come anesthesiaRisk of emerging arthritisWeakening the musclesStiffnessNeurovascular injury
Procedure Cost: $5,985.00
CPT 29824, 23120

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