People that visit our farm yard are constantly fascinated by ours strange-looking cattle.

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These peculiar

looking cows are referred to as Belted Galloways. Most farmers just contact these cows Belties because that short. This rarely breed of cattle originally comes from the highlands that Scotland. They space sometimes called an “Oreo” cow due to the fact that of their unusual color pattern. Our Belted Galloways space black cows with a white belt that entirely wraps approximately the mid ar of your body. A black color colored front and earlier with a white stripe in the middle makes the cow look like an Oreo cookie.

The Belted Galloways room beef cattle. They room not milking cows. We choose this breed of livestock for numerous reasons. First, castle don’t have horns. Castle are naturally polled, so girlfriend don’t have to worry about them goring each other. These cows additionally have a yes, really nice personality. They room friendly cows the are an extremely calm and do not gain spooked easily. The cows are really protective of your calves(forming a strong bond), making them great parents. The calves are little at birth, weighing around 50 pounds. Due to the fact that the calves space so small, you rarely have obstacles when they provide birth. That can save you many money on veterinarian bills.

Another good feature of ours Belted Galloway cows is the they room equipped to handle an extremely poor

weather conditions. The Belted Galloways have a dual layer of hair that protects them native the cold, wind, rain and also snow. They are perfectly suited because that the type of weather that’s usual in the Scotland highlands. Lock are an extremely sure-footed and also can rise hills v no problems. They additionally do an extremely well life on poor quality land. They will certainly graze ~ above vegetation that many other each other of cattle would avoid.

We’ve never ever butchered our Belted Galloway cows because that food(they space our pets), however have heard from experts that say the meat is far better tasting than many other species of cattle. Your beef is very lean and flavorful. Since they have actually such thick hair, this cows don’t need the extra class of fat that many other cows must need to survive in chillier weather. It is why your meat is so impressive tasting. Belted Galloway steaks are few of the ideal tasting meat you have the right to buy.

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If you ever before get a possibility to visit our discus hatchery in person, you might want to take a few minutes come view few of our rare Belted Galloway cows.