Has anybody done this or looked right into it? Is there even room to remove what is there and maybe install twin electric radiator fans? once it is 95 degrees outside and one has actually been idling in traffic, pulls right into the garage and also the pan is running full speed until what, you run off the engine. No run on like electrical thermostat regulated fans. I have the right to think that a few other times i would quite have dual electric fans.Moderator keep in mind 2020- Instructions space in this thread- https://usmam.org...raulic-cooling-fan-conversion.8605/post-55266
The hydraulic fan in this cars has to be close to the top of Ford"s dumbass ideas. If or when mine dies it"s comes out and also an electrical fan is walking in. The A/C would job-related better, it would cool the radiator after close up door down, reliable and no engine pump.

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The hydraulic pan in these cars has to be close to the height of Ford"s dumbass ideas. If or when mine die it"s comes out and an electrical fan is walk in. The A/C would work better, it would cool the radiator after close up door down, reliable and also no engine pump.
.Exactly, so i am hoping somebody has already done this and also has some principles or pointers. Reliability and also increased A/C performance would be great.
Hydraulic cooling fan? I had no idea. So wherein does the fan get the fluid to run, strength steering reservoir??? Things acquire more complicated every day, don"t they.

Hydraulic cooling fan? I had actually no idea. So where does the fan obtain the fluid to run, power steering reservoir??? Things get more complicated every day, don"t they.

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.Don"t worry, they identified how stupid of one idea it was in the first place and also only the 2002 has this dumb idea! No it has actually its very own reservoir increase front where most cars would have actually a starter battery (as if there was room because that a battery increase front i m sorry is why the is in the wheel well whereby the other stupid idea is, the rent-a-spare!). Over there is barely room because that the reservoir with just how tight things are with how much room the 238 CI motor takes up. The an initial time the far better half saw refill the windshield washer fluid, she had already taken the lid off the fan reservoir before I recorded her around to pour Prestone pest Wash right into the fan reservoir.
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Here"s the connect to the electric fan conversion native the Lincoln LS Forum (the V8 Lincoln LS used the very same engine and also components together the retro Thunderbird): https://www.lincolnvscadillac.com/forum/threads/a-guide-to-electric-fan-retrofit-swap.70387/