Watch repair USA is the fastest, easiest and also most convenient way to repair your Colibri watch. From a an easy battery replacement to a complete restoration, ours Swiss-trained watchmakers do a wide variety of repairs with precision. Find why countless satisfied customers have entrusted your Colibri watch v Watch repair USA.

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free estimate & cost-free insured UPS shipping label real Colibri parts impressive customer service with prompt status updates





Experienced watchmakers repair your watch.

Simple signup process. Totally free Shipping.

Signing up takes under a minute. Merely tell us about your watch and the troubles you are experiencing.

Next, pick whether or not you would choose to take benefit of our free shipping option. V our partnership with UPS, you deserve to print a prepaid insured shipping label instantly native your computer or tablet.

Free insured inbound shipping.

Signing up takes under a minute. Merely tell us around your watch and the problems you are experiencing.

If you have chosen the cost-free UPS shipping option, you can print the end a free prepaid insured UPS shipping label. Just tape the label to her shipping box, and drop turn off at the nearest UPS store or dropoff location.

We gladly expropriate watches from all corners of the world. Totally free shipping obtainable to USA customers only. If sending out using your very own shipping courier or an global customer, please authorize up to obtain a repair number because that speedy processing.

Free an extensive evaluation and also estimate.

Once received, our professional technicians very closely examine and evaluate her watch. Using a proprietary 15-point inspection process, us ensure her repair estimate is accurate and also comprehensive.

Your free estimate is emailed to you (we can speak to if girlfriend prefer) for your review. It"s as much as you - agree or decreasing is as simple as a click that the mouse.

Skilled technicians repair her timepiece.

With over 150 year of an unified experience, the Century 21™ watchmakers at clock Repairs USA deserve to perform also the most complex repair through poise. Native battery replacements come hand-making stop parts, they have actually the tools and also the talent.

All repair are put through a rigorous quality control procedure come ensure the task is excellent fast and also reliably.

Your clock ships ago with a 1 year warranty.

We carefully package her watch in addition to a receipt. A tracking number is emailed come you the minute your watch ships.

For the following year, her watch is donate by our one year typical Sense™ Warranty. If any trouble arises us provide free shipping ago to us for priority service.

"We were incredibly pleased with the job-related that girlfriend did because that our Colibri pocketwatch. My husband"s clock is working an extremely well and also keeping fantastic time. Ns was also pleased the I might print the UPS brand at house to ship the clock to you. Thanks again because that your wonderful service."

Ralph - Golconda, IL

"I got my DKNY watch and also am very pleased through the repair. I believed the whole process was easy and also professional, native printing the shipping label, to receiving it back a brief time after. I’m really impressed. Thank you!"

Kathryn - Lawton, yes

"I newly received mine Tommy Hilfiger watch after repairs. Ns am very pleased v the high quality of the work and the illustration of my watch. That looks and also runs prefer brand new. Thank you very much."

Michael - Chicago, IL

"My anne Klein clock looks fabulous! her correspondence and organization was outstanding! I will certainly gladly recommend your firm to anyone in need of clock repair. Thank you again."

Julie - Rittman, five

"I am really pleased with repairs and also service girlfriend did on mine old Fossil watch. The time in between my shipping the watch to you and receiving it ago was exceptionally short. Ns would very recommend her watch fix service. Give thanks to you again for great job."

Lester - Trevett, ME

No difficulty Too Small

We fix a huge array of brands and also styles: automatic chronograph, quartz watches, and also vintage and also antique timepieces.

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Typical repairs take the above estimated time native payment.Not every repairs follow the same timeline, yet we accomplish the timeline over on 90% of our repairs.