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airport nameSan Diego, CA IATA plane CodeSAN ICAO airport CodeKSAN CitySan Diego, CA CountryUSA Latitude32.733 Longitude-117.189 Cheap flights517 Cheap airlines22 Services

Closest airplane to mountain Diego, CA plane (SAN), USA

El Cajon at 22.73 km. 1 flightsTijuana, Mexico in ~ 29.70 km. 671 flightsSanta Ana/Orange County, CA at 122.44 km. 260 flightsPalm Springs CA at 138.22 km. 147 flightsLong Beach, CA in ~ 150.24 km. 282 flights

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Camp Pendleton, CA (distance in between Camp Pendleton CA and San Diego, CA airport: 45.02 km) at 45.02 km
Cardiff through The Sea, CA (distance in between Cardiff by The Sea CA and also San Diego, CA airport: 32.71 km) in ~ 32.71 km
Imperial Beach, CA (distance between Imperial beach CA and also San Diego, CA airport: 19.29 km) at 19.29 km
National City, CA (distance between National City CA and also San Diego, CA airport: 11.26 km) at 11.26 km
Presa Rodriguez, Mexico (distance between Presa Rodriguez, Mexico and also San Diego, CA airport: 41.61 km) in ~ 41.61 km
Rancho Santa Fe, CA (distance between Rancho Santa Fe CA and San Diego, CA airport: 33.91 km) in ~ 33.91 km
Rosarito, Mexico (distance in between Rosarito, Mexico and San Diego, CA airport: 46.88 km) at 46.88 km
Spring Valley, CA (distance in between Spring valley CA and also San Diego, CA airport: 18.30 km) at 18.30 km
Recommended organization providers in mountain Diego, CA, USANo organization registered yet. Would certainly you favor to recommend a guide, a hotel, a restaurant or any kind of other business in mountain Diego, CA, USA? Send us an email with in-depth information on the business you desire to recommend - company name, brief description, location, website and contact details - and, if the business is pertinent to ours visitors, we will certainly promote it below for free! usmam.org not just helps you uncover the closestly airport to any type of city but additionally offers reader cheap flights courses from height airlines. When planning to visit a city in i beg your pardon you space not sure of the the next airport, you have the right to use our to arrangement your flight and also determine the best way to gain to her destination. In plenty of cases, there room multiple airports near the city you desire to visit, so us recommend you examine the optimal 3 to ensure you find the many economical flight. If friend renting a car, it might end up much better flying right into an airport that is farther far from your final location to acquire the best deal top top airfare. If you"re flying Internationally, girlfriend will want to select the airport that offers the most worldwide flights and airlines that offer global routes. Our site gives a perform of airlines and also routes for you to quickly determine this.

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Food and also drinks on the plane: one of the most crucial "features" that low cost flights is the the airlines execute not offer cost-free food and drinks top top the plane. Food and drinks are marketed on board, yet they are rather expensive. If you take trip on a low spending plan you should take part sandwiches native home. However remember the you cannot carry any liquids in her hand luggage past the defense check!
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