Meet Arnel Pineda, the newest frontman of American rock tape Journey, along with his wife and family as the group recently perform live with each other at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, sparking questions surrounding previous lead singer, Steve Perry.

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Get to understand the artist and also his journey together a replacement command singer together we explore former band member Steve Perry’s exit from the group and also more.

Who is Arnel Pineda and his wife, Cherry?

Arnel Campaner Pineda is a Filipino singer and also songwriter as the current lead singer the the American rock band, Journey.

Pineda has actually been with the band due to the fact that 2007, instead of the former lead singer following his previous departure.

Born on 5 September 1967 in Sampaloc, Philippines, Arnel Pineda is currently aged 54 years old.

The artist has been married to his wife, Cherry Pineda due to the fact that 2001 and also the pair are currently parents to their 4 children; Angelo Pineda, Cherub Pineda, Thea Chenelle Pineda and also Matthew Pineda.

arnelpineda2007 has over 46,000 Instagram followers and also often shares content neighboring his music and also his family.

Cherry Flores Pineda reportedly celebrates her date of birth on 9 July, according to a gifted video clip montage uploaded top top

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Artist performs live v Journey

2021’s iHeartRadio Music Festival had a live power from Journey, special Arnel Pineda frontstage.

Journey closed the end the united state concert show and received worship from fans because that finding another an ideal lead singer.

Viewers to be able to capture the two-night iHeartRadio Music Festival one-of-a-kind which aired 2 October and also 3 October on The CW television Network.

What taken place to Steve Perry in the band?

Journey’s live performance sparked numerous speculations neighboring the absence of previous lead singer Steve Perry, a 72-year-old American singer and also songwriter.

According to iHeartRadio, Perry departed from the tape in 1987 and pursued a solo career, despite never getting to commercial success as an separation, personal, instance artist.

Later on, in the mid-1990s, Steve Perry then reunited with his journey bandmates and prepped for an upcoming tour before finding out his hip problem would require surgery, transforming the upcoming plans.

Perry ultimately announced that he would certainly be permanently leaving Journey.

In respectable 2018,
steveperrymusic took to Instagram come briefly identify his disappearance from the industry, together his love for music had suddenly left him.

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Perry went on to describe that that again began to record music in 2015 ~ unfortunately losing his late girlfriend Kellie Nash in 2012.


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