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More specificly, once I brake and also turn difficult right at the same time, my examine gauges light will certainly come on until I come the end of the difficult turn. I have actually recreated it several times come verify that my gauges to not adjust and no various other lights come on except my check gauges light. I likewise turned my an essential to the on position to verify all of my warning lights work.BAckground information on the auto (95 v8 tbird): has constantly pulled right and while turning. Had 4 brand-new tires, 4 wheel alignment, tho pulled. Had actually raybestos pads and rotors top top the front, while this eliminated steering wheel shimmy if braking that still pulled.What might this be? does the examine gauges light keep a password I can scan?Thanks,billabong132
Does it continue to be on after?? because it could be your oil pressure. My job-related truck does this once in a while as soon as I turn really hard. It"s due to the oil moving away from the pickup and also the oil push guage sensing a loss of pressure.....
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I also agree top top the oil level check. It can sometimes gain low without you even knowing it and also when you rotate hard, every the oil will change to one side and also make the oil push drop and the inspect engine light come on.GUN
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