4 different style top leversprings room used, yet in the just old parts directory we can find, the isapparently for the kind 2. They supplied the same component number for both thetype 1 and kind 2, however differentiate only, Old format or brand-new Style and thegauge. Then later when the third and 4th type come along, if over there is anillustrated components listing, nobody has found it. The fourth type used coilsprings because that the mainsprings, ejector hammers and also the top bar springs.These coil springs showed quite a bit much more reliable.

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here we cover largely the O/U guns, but the single barrel trap guns are essentially an O/U v the bottom barrel missing

FOR our PURPOSES, till WE FIND an ext INFORMATION, WEWILL usage THEIR KNOWN component NUMBERS,AS #2224 complied with BY THE adhered to BY THE GAUGEAND then THE form NUMBER as #2224-12-T1, #2224 -12-T2, #2224 -12-T3, #2224-20-T1, ETC.

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TOP bar SPRING type 1 #2224-12-T1 SERIAL NUMBERS
? - 306,367 12ga Hunter/Venture Grade 50,000? - 216,522 12ga field Grade ? - 540,083 12ga premium Grade ? - 355,645 20ga ar Grade ? - 213,352 20ga premium Grade
This top lever spring lays parallel to & on optimal of the lower tang, above & in front of the create & is pinned right into the lower tang through a cross-pin. we have actually not to be able to find the beginning serial numbers are on the above models, and also suspect they may have actually been incorporated with Miroku"s existing numbers
The 20 ga. Type 1 top lever spring is basically the come but shorter OAL & not as tall, peak bottom, #2224-20-T1
TOP bar SPRING kind 2 #2224-12-T2 SERIAL NUMBERS
NO undertaking Grade used this style 216,523 - 371,702 12ga ar Grade 540,084 - 543,618 12ga superior Grade NO 20ga used this style
This top lever spring lays on the RH next of the receiver (inside the stock) & the anchor hole offers the cross-pin hole in the receiver in ~ the RH hammer area
TOP bar SPRING form 3 #2224-12-T3 SERIAL NUMBERS
306,368 -to coil 12ga venture Grade 371,703 -to coil 12ga field Grade 543,619 -to coil 12ga premium Grade (close to last Approx 610,000 7-1976) 355,646 -to coil 20ga field Grade 213,353 -to coil 20ga remarkable Grade

20, 28ga, & 410 type 3 #2224-20-T3 is .075 much shorter overall & narrower 보다 12 ga.

This top bar spring lays on optimal of the locking block, in prior of the top bar shaft, & walk crosswise through the receiver. The brief tail rests ~ above the top bar shaft, while the longer notched tail breaks behind the RH recipient machining for the RH hammer.
TOP lever SPRING type 4 #???? SERIAL numbers #????
The info we deserve to come up through is that perhaps the critical 2 year of production, 1975 & 1976, supplied coil form mainsprings, ejector hammer springs & the top bar spring. We likewise have seen firearms that had damaged top levers the were retrofitted with later top bar springs, or also retrofitted with finish coil springs.
MAINSPRING type 1/2/3 #2211-12 12ga LH, optimal --LONG finish IS FLAT MAINSPRING kind 1/2/ 3 #2212-12 12ga RH, BOTTOM --LONG finish IS ROUNDED

All 20, 28, 410 form 1/2/3 Mainsprings use the exact same spring& room .050 much shorter than 12ga come the "Vee", numbers are #2211-20 & #2212-20 The 12ga will certainly not fit

FIRING PINS #2217-O/S & #2217-N/S SERIAL NUMBERS for New/Style
313,188 & over 12ga undertaking Grade 392,868 & above 12ga ar Grade 556,093 & above 12ga remarkable Grade 330,741 & over 20ga venture Grade 361,093 & over 20ga ar Grade 522,322 & over 20ga exceptional Grade 350,026 & above 12ga solitary Barrel trap 300
The our over parts are made off dimensions from initial parts, together no factoryblueprints room available. One thing to note is that when fitting a newmainspring, is to inspect to check out that there is clearance between the hammer pivotboss and also the mainspring behind the leg. We shot to do our foot slightlylonger 보다 originals to be certain they function, however there is a well line below in the if the foot isoverly long it is around impossible to gain the hammer into position under tensionto acquire the pivot screw in. The is feasible to uncover a mix of thehammer and new mainsprings the miss-match if the mainspring tab is slightlyshort or the hammer notch is slightly deep. This will result inmisfiring, as the hammer deserve to be slowed down best at the instant required forprimer penetration. If this is the case, a slight amount of metal can beremoved indigenous this pinch suggest of the hammer.

Wisner's deserve to not warrantee these mainsprings if girlfriend usepliers and also screwdrivers, butcher and break them by do the efforts to download them ina wrong position, climate tell united state we make defective parts.

Placement of RH hammerspringIllustration of placement of LH hammer springThere has to be clearance here


CHARLESDALY / MIROKU O/USHOTGUNS(Japanese made) Miroku of Japan do the Charles Daly surname of O/U shotguns indigenous 1963 come 1976. No a many is really known around this firearm, but we understand that a typhoon nearly destroyed the manufacturing facility in 1971, because of this all the factory records were lost. And most that those us importers, persons or gunsmiths linked with those weapons who to be involved, are currently feeble mindedor deceased. The Charles Daly company got marketed a pair of times, then went in limbo for part years and also the present Charles Daly, owned by KBI due to the fact that 1996 has actually no parts or documents for these models. On their website it states "Unfortunately there room not plenty of parts easily accessible any longer in the united state for these older Daly shotguns".Their brand-new line of firearms imported native Spain offers the exact same models however with a roman character II after the grade. One version of the Bluebook of pistol Values has actually some details underMiroku and also Charles Daly,listed listed below as quoted. "Shotguns significant Miroku just without anothertrademark listing stand for that duration of manufacture prior to Miroku beganmanufacturing shotguns for other companies (i.e. Charles Daly, SKB, Browning,and others)". To the best of our knowledge, this information is exactly EXCEPTfor the SKB, together they have their very own plant different from Miroku. As stated in the Standard directory ofFirearms, 13th edition. "Miroku, B. C., is a Japanese agency that not only sectors under their ownname, yet has made guns for Charles Daly, Browning, Winchester and also SKB(Ithaca) and also others". This is partly correct, however the Winchester 101, 96 O/U and also Weatherby Olympian O/U to be made through Nikko, while SKB madetheir very own O/Us because that Ithaca in ~ one time. Miroku did for a limited time sell a version of their 500 double shotgun toMontgomery Wards, which to be marketed under the Western field name. Miroku additionally did makeUSRA"s Winchester minimal run that 71, 86, 92, 95 rifles, however we are not talkingabout rifles in this article. If you doubt our word for the over O/Us, try to download Winchester 101 components ineither the Charles Daly or the Ithaca O/U. Again fromthe Bluebook of gun Values,"Most guns marked Miroku just were do on a limitedbasis and although rather rare, collector desirability to date has beenminimal. Because model notations to be not mentioned in most instances (manyshotguns to be made to test industry demand), a version rundown is virtuallyimpossible. Values deserve to be approx. Ascertained by to compare a Mirokushotgun of comparable gauge, features, engraving/wood, and also condition to anequivalent Japanese Charles Daly model." "Inthe sixties, C. Daly guns were manufactured by the certain of B. C. Miroku inTokyo, Japan." we have however seen part apparently early guns significant Kochi, Japan which most likely came about after the typhoon. " This Japanese gun manufacturing firm was developing gunsfor numerous companies, Browning being the biggest existing customer. Mirokuguns room high high quality with terrific fit and finish. Many of castle arehighly engraved and are fine instances of the gunmakers art. Some Charles DalyMiroku guns are coming to be collectable in some areas (smaller gauges withopen chokes). Their production ceased in 1976." The most common Charles Daly guns encountered the this era will be the over-under the was do by Miroku prior to Browning entered the scene to ended up being the Miroku"s element outlet.However it is feasible that after ~ Charles Daly departed the scene and before a contract through Browning was signed, that Miroku sold guns under your ownname in the US, yet still using very same Miroku s/n range, as depicted by one gun us own. We understand of one pistol purchased in ~ the Miroku plant that had actually Charles Daly"s name onit.

We have actually alsofound a Miroku 410 Skeet O/U with an importers nameofAero Distributors Corp, Seattle to wash - Importedstamped onthe reduced barrel under the forearm ~ the gun to be blued. This would have had to have been ~ the 1968 gun control actand before1973 as soon as Browning picked them up, together importersnames were required after 1968. That is ours guess that this agency pickedup some guns after Charles Daly quit importing and before Browning gotrolling. Or the these Miroku marked guns were what was left over at thischange-over and also this to be a an approach of getting rid of of them.

The entirety line of type 3 weapons were basically comparable to thelater Browning"s Citori kind I, (introduced in 1973) except they had "V" mainsprings.If you check out Midwest gun Works, (who is closely linked with USRA/Browning), website, castle make referral to a pre-Citori form 1, which may be close to the critical one imported through Charles Daly. In 1977 FN and Miroku purchased 90% that Browning"sstock. Maybe that might have to be a contributing factorfor Charles Daly Japanese shotguns gift discontinued. Miroku is tho making O/U shotguns marketed under their name in other nations of the people other thanNorth America, (which Browningapparently has tied up). Version identification is really important when ordering parts for these old guns, particularly the top bar springs for the Over/Under guns.Apparently initially the firearms may have actually sold under the Miroku name, then Chas Daly started importing them utilizing their name.However even for the Charles Daly guns, top top the bottom the the recipient wasengraved, B.C. Miroku. This Chas Daly guns, (which you will certainly see an ext commonly in partnership to the number of actual Miroku brand), thereappear to it is in 4 various MAIN qualities within every gauge and also the gradeapparently was assigned a different serial number block because that each follow tothe details we obtained. The MAIN grades were Hunter, or later on the Venture, Field,Superior and also Diamond. A 1968 dealer price paper lists the undertaking grade, ("formerly the Huntergrade") in 12 gauge only. So, it appears the earlier Hunter to be renamed tothe undertaking at around this time.

In the superior grade there to be then different trap/skeet sub-grades.It shows up for all the models, the grades were intended to it is in rollmarked ~ above the barrels top top the very same line together the manufacturers name and address.Also in the mix somehow, the butt-stocks provided a different pistol grip shape for the different grades, and this yet may have changed over the years. Engraving was different for every grade, yet at this suggest we believe it additionally waschanged together time walk on, yet possibly the remarkable grade continuing to be somewhat thesame. Our 1968 catalog and also price list shows the new Superiorengraving. As you read below it may become noticeable why design identification is so important since of the interior changes. Not much has been found as to model NUMBERS other than some customers have said thattheirs have markings of version 700 and also 800.This shows up to have remained in the earlier guns because that the premium Trap/Skeet grades.If this version identification was supplied on the later on guns, it might only have beenon the stimulate sheets & crate ends.

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Chokeidentification will certainly be discovered as little stars and dashes stamped top top the LH sideof the rear of the barrels near the extractors, extended up through the receiver if barrels are closed. This system is comparable to the currentBrowning Citori guns made by Miroku through the exception of the skeet choking.