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I have a D140.At the dealer yesterday and also he claimed he couldn"t phone call which plug I necessary - it listed both. After a lot of research i know much more about plugs and what the letters and also numbers mean, yet even after looking TractorForum and John Deere, ns don"t recognize which plug is better.It can be that the more recent 100 collection uses the hotter plug w/ better resistance. I have the RC in the mower now and that is a safe bet, simply use the (I lugged both home), however still ns wonder --So, any kind of thoughts?Thanks!
Yeah. Usage NGK 6696 (BCPR5ES) rather lol they"re far better plugs in my opinionSent from my iPhone making use of Tapatalk

11 mile to the dealer; 14 to auto parts.would like to understand why the xc92 over the rc12; problems using the xc in the D140?
I uncovered this in a google search from snowblowers .comFrom what i can discover the 2 plugs
have actually the very same heat selection so are interchangeable without any difference in mechanically engine performance. Yet if you have actually a fuel injected engine you need to use the QC plug. It"s inner electrical construction is different to job-related properly v fuel injection systems.

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