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The correct answer is1i.e. propanal.

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IUPAC nomenclature:

A systematic method of specify name organic compounds.Naming isbasedon theirstructures.It is devised by theInternational Union the Pure and also Applied chemistry.Many rule are followed while specify name the compounds and it is different fordifferent useful groups.The rules are known asIUPAC rules.


This compound contains3carbon atoms, so its parental alkane ispropane.It likewise contains an aldehyde
group (-CHO-) groupwhich is indicated by using 'al' together suffix or ending.So by instead of the critical 'e' that butane v 'al', the name becomespropanal.Thus, theIUPAC nameof the compoundCH3CH2CHOispropanal.Thecommon nameof propanalisPropionaldehyde.

Additional Information

The chart for priority order and also suffix name is provided below:


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