Our regional celebrities are couple of in number. There’s Dean Norris, who played the DEA agent in breaking Bad; Cassidy Wolf, miss Teen USA 2013; Jerry Yang, winner of the 2007 World collection of Poker.

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Published top top Nov 1, 2018 11:00AM EDT
Meg Bernhard

Temecula marries frontier individualism through Orange county conservatism. That is not the golden hills or the Pacific Ocean, no liberal politics or Hollywood or Silicon Valley. The is a chaparral desert dotted with golf courses.

The civilization of Temecula are relatively diverse—26 percent identify as Latino or Hispanic—though mostly white. 7 percent room veterans, and also 10,000 or therefore Mormons. One of the city’s biggest employers is Pechanga, southern California’s best casino, despite it’s technically external city limits. Most residents commute to mountain Diego or Orange county or Los Angeles, enduring hundred-mile ring trips in gridlocked traffic.

Our neighborhood celebrities are couple of in number. Yes sir Dean Norris, who played the DEA certified dealer in Breaking Bad; Cassidy Wolf, miss Teen USA 2013; Jerry Yang, winner of the 2007 World collection of Poker. The lesser-knowns room some MLB players, one American Idol loser-turned-commercial-success, and a female bodybuilder.

My friends and I were component of the first generation to thrive up in Temecula. None of united state stayed.

In this year midterm elections, journalists have actually heralded suburbanites as the voting demography most most likely to totter the outcome. There’s talk of a democratic upset in California’s conservative 50th conference district, which consists of the rural suburbs of Temecula. There, Republican Duncan Hunter is encountering off against Ammar Campa-Najjar, a 29-year-old of Mexican and also Palestinian descent who has actually never hosted political office.

Campa-Najjar might have a chance, or so local Democrats believe. Hunter was indicted in respectable by a federal cool jury because that misusing project funds. Critical month, Hunter exit a racist ad insinuating Campa-Najjar is a Muslim seeking come “infiltrate” the American government, shedding him support amongst veterans and evangelicals. (Campa-Najjar is, in fact, Christian.)

One the the voters the Democrats space counting top top this year is the Suburban White Woman, who might ideal be described by a December 2017 New York Times article:

As she sat v a glass that sauvignon blanc wait for a women-focused democratic fundraiser to begin, Nancy sharp let loosened in a Texas-seasoned drawl why she and also so plenty of other onetime supporters of the shrub family were abandoning the Republicans.

Nancy sharp sounds choose a most women i knew cultivation up. She’s the mom of my friends, mine elementary college teacher, the woman functioning in Old Town. This Temecula Woman drink chardonnay in ~ Wilson Creek Winery, where a thing of the Republican Federation of females meets every 3rd Tuesday at 11 a.m. Some variants of this Temecula Woman choose horseback riding and also walks in the wine Country; others favor (watching) motocross and also football. As soon as her children are still in school, this Temecula woman volunteers in the classroom, brings tangerines to football games, and takes her family members to “The River” (the American or the Colorado) and also “The Snow” (Mammoth or large Bear). As soon as her kids leave home—most to san Diego and also Los Angeles—she might take up work-related again.

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But unequal Nancy Sharp, i don’t think these women will provide up top top the Republicans. I could be wrong, yet it doesn’t seem likely.