Carrying the load of the civilization Meaning

Definition: To feeling or act prefer one has actually immense quantities of problems.

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Origin of bring the weight of the world on mine Shoulders

This expression comes from Greek mythology.

The main god, Zeus, was angry that a team of people, referred to as the Titans, was fighting the Olympians. The Olympians to be the various other gods. Zeus decided one that them, Atlas, come punish.

Zeus condemned Atlas to hold the heavens ~ above his back. The function was to different earth and also heaven, i beg your pardon would protect against the two from mix so much.

Nowadays, many people misinterpret this story and also believe Atlas holds the human being on his shoulders. Nevertheless of even if it is he carries the load of heaven or earth, the weight must be very great. Therefore, this expression indicates that a human being feels an extremely heavy with responsibilities or troubles.

Examples of carry the load of the people on my Shoulders

In this conversation, two high college students talk around some issues one of lock is having actually at school.

Lisa: Hey! those the matter? girlfriend look like you have actually the weight of the people on her shoulders.

Jackie: ns feel as if i do. Mine two best friends room fighting through each other. If they can’t fix their problem, ns don’t know how to choose between them. I recognize they’ll do me choose.

Lisa: ns sorry come hear around that. I view why you feeling so stressed.

In the listed below dialogue, two friends comment on a third friend. They are worried around him.

Seth: have actually you talked to Horatio lately?

Jimmy: No, why?

Seth: He seems sort the depressed these days. It’s like he has the weight of the civilization on his shoulders.

Jimmy: I understand several that his family members have been having health problems. We must let him know we’re obtainable to talk can aid if need be.

More Examples

This excerpt is from an advice column. The advice columnist speak a man that moms need to share their difficulties with their partners.

The 2nd news excerpt is about advice from a skilled tennis player. She reminds another athlete no to let other difficulties burden her.

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To carry the weight of the world on one’s shoulders way that someone is heavily burdened by many troubles.


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