For maximum revolution on minimum budget, friend can’t to win paint. A new color ~ above the wall surfaces can readjust the mood of a room, yet it doesn’t stop there: a couple of coats can change up a item of furniture or transform whole kitchen. So as soon as Fan asked, in a current editorial meeting, what come do about the unloved flooring in she guest bath, Julie’s answer was, the course: repaint it.

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Painted hardwood floors are most often linked with seaside cottages, wherein they source for your no-fuss practicality (take a look in ~ a couple of of our favorites in The case for Painted lumber Floors in the Summer Cottage). However paint is not just for hardwood floors: girlfriend can likewise paint tile, concrete, plywood, even linoleum. Right here are 10 an ext things come know about painting floors.

Above: Black-painted hardwood floors in an English hotel; see much more in The Rose: A Singular Seaside Inn on the English Coast, color Edition.

1. You’ll need an to escape plan.

Don’t paint yourself into a corner. Have an escape course in mind: begin from the side of the room opposite the door, then back your means out.

Above: photo by Andria Lo for from Steal This Look: Manka’s Vintage bath in Inverness, California.

2. The best paint could be at the marine supply store.

You don’t want to need to tiptoe across your painted floors, lest lock chip or display wear; the entirety appeal is the they’re hardwearing and also practical. To get this effect, usage at least a semigloss paint from the repaint aisle, maybe coated with some polyurethane if you’re worried around wear. Yet it might pay come look beyond standard internal paints. Look for out latex enamel-based marine, boat, or porch paint, every one of which is hardwearing and also built come wear. (You could likewise use trim enamel matched to a shade you like.) note that oil-based paints will certainly be hardy, yet will also be high in VOCs; read more about the in Remodeling 101: every You must Know around VOCs in Paint.

Above: Oak floors painted in Benjamin Moore’s Platinum Gray enamel, with contemporary effect. Photograph by Matthew Williams for, from Nordic Beauty: A Brooklyn Townhouse reinvented with Style—and Restraint.

3. Conserve your ago by utilizing a floor buffer.

If it’s finished timber floors you’re painting, you’ll need to sand and prime. It can be backbreaking job-related if you’re on her hands and knees v sandpaper—or also an orbital sander. Conserve your ago and rent a floor buffer indigenous the hardware store.

4. “Dark” does not average “disguised.”

General wisdom would have us believe that white- or light-colored floors display every speck that dust and also dirt, when black- or dark-colored floors disguise debris. Yet that’s misleading: we’ve to be told (from experience) the dark-colored floors display much an ext than you’d think—including every dust bunny and also crumb. If disguising chaos is your only reason for going dark, think twice before you commit.

Above: Plywood floors, painted white, in A Chic Fixer-Upper on Fire Island, budget Edition. Photograph by Kate Sears.

5. Painted floors can trick the eye.

Painted floors can create some clever optical illusions. If you have white- or light-colored walls, paint the floors to match to do the room feel much bigger. Pick paint with a glossier sheen (or add a glossy topcoat) to carry in more light. Or, pick a darker shade than walls and ceiling come visually floor a an are and add drama.

6. They’re unending customizable.

Then again, painted floors needn’t it is in solid. Usage painter’s ice to create checkerboards, patterns, borders, or painted “rugs.” friend can additionally delineate room by painting locations in various hues. Have actually a long, small space? do it seem broader by painting horizontal stripes. You acquire the idea: you deserve to customize her floors completely.

Above: photo from DIY: new England Spatter-Painted Floors.

7. You deserve to Jackson Pollock your floors.

Splatter-painted floors are almost everywhere in the cottages that Cape Cod. “I don’t know why our victorian area ancestors began spatter-painting their floors—perhaps they couldn’t afford rugs, or much more likely, castle didn’t want to constantly beat the sand out of them—but I, for one, to be glad castle did,” write Justine, who has actually splatter-painted floors in her very own Cape cottage. “First that all, spatter-painted floors hide a multitude of sins; virtually nothing mirrors up on them. But more important, they are simply beautiful. Lock a wonderful way to include texture and also interest when still keeping the overall look minimal and also clean.” See how to acquire the look yourself in DIY: Splatter-Painted Floors.

Above: navy floors in A early american House in Bellport v Uncommon style from French Designer C. S. Valentin. Styling by Alexa Hotz and photography by Jonathan Hökklo for

8. You can need come vacate because that a bit.

Painting her floors is no tiny task: you’ll need to relocate out all of your furniture (yes, all of it) and be prepared not come walk in or with the room for several days when the coats dry. And also the heavy-duty, hardwearing paint that’s perfect for floors likewise comes with many fumes. Try to paint your floors before you move in, if possible; if you’re already settled, think about closing turn off the room or heading somewhere else for a when to obtain away native the fumes.

9. Painting floors is budget friendly.

Compared to the price of laying all-new flooring, painting worn down floors is incredibly budget plan friendly: every you’ll need is a gallon (or a few) that paint, plus primer and also supplies. Just be conscious that, as soon as you paint, it’ll it is in hard, if not impossible, come revert her floors earlier to the method they were. Read much more about the wallet-friendly merits of painting in Expert Advice: 4 Affordable Floor Finishes indigenous Dirty Girl Construction.

Above: Marine blue floors at Kin Kao Thai Kitchen in Toronto, designed by Scott & Scott Architects.

10. Worried about wear? just add much more paint.

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No require to issue too much about wear and tear. If and also when you floors begin to shed their luster, just add another coat of paint, or a few touch-ups—or adopt the patina.