Internet is practically a offered nowadays, however the truth is the you can uncover yourself in a situation when friend won’t have internet on your laptop. Issue not, though, over there is still life without internet and also a most fun things to perform on a laptop there is no internet!

This is specifically what we’ll talk about today – every the fun and maybe not that basic to think around things you can do if you have actually no WiFi connection accessible for her laptop.

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I know that plenty of people think that a laptop is useless there is no internet. And while that is true that numerous of the points you can typically do top top one are relying on a stable internet connection, girlfriend still have a ton of option.

So let’s no waste any type of time and also instead let’s obtain into today’s topic!

What to carry out on a Laptop without Internet

There are plenty of offline points you can do ~ above a laptop. Ideally, not having actually WiFi won’t come as a finish surprise for you.

If you know that you’re walking on a plane, because that example, or going come a location without internet, friend can always prepare in breakthrough and have actually at least a couple of things to execute on her laptop, offline.

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1. Clock Movies

Did you recognize that you deserve to actually download part movies and also TV collection from digital streaming platforms such together Netflix? until recently, that option was not allowed on laptops, yet now friend can.

Make certain that girlfriend download and also install theNetflix app from the Microsoft Store, together this doesn’t job-related from your browser.

Then, simply launch the app, log in in, and also browse the TV shows and movies that have the right to be downloaded and also watched offline. Girlfriend will have actually a vast offering, as you deserve to see in my screenshot below:


There can be other methods to download movies for offline viewing – you might rent them, copy them native DVDs friend own and so on. This has the choice of downloading and install any video clip from Youtube (as lengthy as you room a Premium member).

2. Hear to music

In a comparable fashion come Netflix and also other streaming apps, Spotify permits you to download your playlists and listen to them offline.


Also, you might have bigger or smaller collection of MP3s you have the right to listen to. It’s always an excellent to have them around, just in case.

3. Read something

You don’t really require an ebook leader to check out a book, a newspaper or anything you fancy.

As long as you have actually downloaded castle on your computer prior to internet is no longer available, girlfriend can conveniently read them. Take your favorite book, magazine, courses or anything through you wherever you go and use the offline time come read!

4. Pat a game

Not all laptop computers are prepared to play the newest gamings out there, however you deserve to easily discover at least a few games (older ones maybe) the you can play on her laptop.


You can find lots of really cheap older gamings on web page likeGoG(seen above) which deserve to be play offline, even on larger laptops and those no made specifically for gaming. (Steam likewise has a huge gallery that older games that call for minimal resources).

Make sure that you install them beforehand, make certain that castle don’t require a long-term online link to be play (some do) and enjoy her time far from net playing games.

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5. Create something!

Not gift distracted by every the notifications and fast speed of a laptop through internet, friend can conveniently write something.

Get an imaginative and write a city or a brief story… or anything girlfriend want.

It deserve to be a letter for her loved one, a journal… anything, really. Writing is an extremely therapeutic, actually and you will check out that the will perform you well, even if you room not specifically inclined in the direction of writing.

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6. Type your old files

If you’ve had actually your laptop because that a while now, most likely it has come to be a bit of a chaos of old files, folders and also chaos.


So just browse with the folders you have actually created, removing papers you no longer need and also organizing castle a tiny bit.

You can additionally do one audit that the programs the you have actually installed and also don’t really require or use.

Uninstall these – the will likewise help totally free up some an are if needed and also maybe also helpimprove your laptop’s battery life(if the programs you don’t need were constantly running)

7. Type your photos and also videos

If files and also folders and also various applications are not yes, really a problem, you will still most likely have actually a the majority of chaos in your directory where you keep photos and also videos.

You don’t really require all the 34 photos you took of your favorite handbag, nor the numerous out of focus pictures you have taken or those 1-second videos girlfriend took when you were trying to actually take a photo.

I never ever ever controlled to really gain all my photos and also videos organized, although i constantly work on that. Therefore it’s going to be time consuming, but also rewarding.

You will not only have things far better organized, but you’ll likewise get come re-live part sweet moments from the past.

8. Acquire some occupational done

Not all human being have work that can be excellent on a laptop (especially without internet), however if you can, you’ll check out that you will certainly be very productive.


Sometimes, once I have critical article to write, I choose to actually disconnect from the internet in stimulate to save the distractions away. This permits me to totally focus ~ above what I have to do and do a much better job 보다 otherwise.

This functions well if you have actually some homework come do. As lengthy as online research study is not necessary, you can easily do her homework without WiFi (and girlfriend will check out that you’ll perform it quicker and far better than otherwise).

9. Take some time off

While this isn’t yes, really a thing you have the right to do top top a laptop if you don’t have actually internet, it absolutely is something you should consider.

If you don’t have internet, probably you don’t really need to do noþeles at her laptop. If over there are world around, shot to interact with them. Speak to your friends, meet a stranger. Or simply admire the world approximately you.

We always need a break and in today’s reality, taking a actual one – fully disconnecting ourselves indigenous the online human being is nearly impossible.

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So use that time to simply take a break. Look at around. Talk through people. Enjoy!

Final words

As you deserve to see, it’s not really the finish of the people if you need to use your laptop without internet. There space still plenty of fun things you deserve to do, specifically if you regulated to prepare because that the offline time.

Do girlfriend have added suggestions for points to do on a laptop when net is not available? let us recognize by commenting below!

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