It’s solid a surprise if us say the the diamond is the hardest product we know. But we should probably additionally say the you can easily break a diamond with points you have lying about the house.

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But how can that be? It actually comes under to the meaning of hardness. See Below.

Can You break a Diamond?


Technically speaking a diamond deserve to be broken, but in actual practice, the is very an overwhelming to break a diamond. You have to hit that in the precise right spot and then also ensure the you space using enough force.

Here’s the scientific research behind breaking a diamond. Come say other is “hard” is no the very same as speak it is “strong”. As an example, you have the right to scratch steel v a diamond, yet you can easily shatter a diamond through a hammer. The diamond is hard, the hammer is strong.

Whether miscellaneous is tough or solid depends ~ above its inner structure. A diamond is made entirely of carbon atom which room joined in a lattice-type structure. Each atom is a set distance indigenous the next, and also moving 2 of castle closer or additional away needs sudden and extreme force. This renders the diamond very hard and also is why it is able to scratch any other material.

Steel, top top the other hand, has an ionic structure. In straightforward terms, it is similar to that of a handful of raisins in a jug of honey. You deserve to move any of the ions around easily, and also any force is quickly absorbed. Hit steel with a hammer of any type of material and it just absorbs the blow by moving the ions sideways rather of shattering.

This makes steel incredibly strong and infinitely workable. Diamonds, due to the fact that of their absence of versatility in the structure, room not actually very strong at all.

How execute Diamond Cutters rest Diamonds?


You can be wondering how any type of diamond ever before gets come its finished state if nothing rather can also scratch it. The first stage of handling a rough diamond is to different it into the maximum available variety of stones. This is excellent by taking advantage of cleave lines in ~ each turbulent diamond. A cleave heat – a tetrahedral plane, to provide it its technological name – is the weak clues in a diamond. As a an easy example, wood has actually a solitary grain. Journey a chisel right into a piece of wood along the grain, and the piece will break-up easily. Try it throughout the grain and also it will simply make a cut the size of the chisel blade.

With a sharp punch of a special steel cleaving tool, the unstable diamond will separation along this predictable cleave lines. The drawback below is that, wherein wood has just a solitary cleave heat in the grain, a rough diamond has 4 cleave lines, every of which can affect how many single polished stones the rough diamond deserve to produce.

In some instances, check of a stormy diamond have the right to take mainly or months before choosing a particular cleave line. This is particularly true for exceptional diamonds, such as those commissioned for a particular purpose.

Can you break a Diamond v a Hammer?

Yes, technically speaking, you deserve to break a diamond v a hammer, however it will be an extremely hard to actually do it. In most cases, you have the right to smash a hammer over your diamond and it will perform nothing come it.

Here are the points that you’ll have to do in bespeak to make it much easier to rest a diamond with a hammer:

Find a diamond that has internal inclusions and also inner weaknesses.Aim the hammer blow to inflict maximum force versus the weakest internal location that the diamondDon’t permit the diamond jump as soon as it’s hit. In many cases, the hammer blow will weaken as the diamond moves away from the hammer blow.

In conclusion, although that is feasible to rest a diamond with a hammer, it is very VERY an overwhelming to actually execute it.

We put it come the Test: we actually sent a actual diamond to the famous YouTubers HowRediculous and challenged them to rest a diamond utilizing a bowling ball and a massive hammer. These videos to be watched numerous times.

How polished Diamonds Break

These weaknesses, whilst fairly easy to manipulate in large, rough stones, space still current in sleek diamonds. Since of the framework of the diamond pointed out above, over there is constantly a risk of impact chipping the stone. That doesn’t even need to be particularly high affect or also on particularly hard surface. Just clipping the diamond at exactly the ideal angle could spit it in two.

It’s not uncommon for engagement ring to unexpectedly be lacking a item out the the crown or girdle that a diamond. The type of cut can disclose some parts of the stone an ext than others, yet all are possibly at risk.

Keeping her Diamond for sure (and Whole)

If this sounds choose it makes diamonds too much to problem about, it isn’t really. Lucky – or bad luck, at the very least – and also a small common sense are what will determine whether your diamond survives because that a lifetime or not. As lengthy as you are mindful of her ring, friend don’t must be too many paranoid around it. If girlfriend do gain that way, the enjoyment of your ring will just disappear.

In the same way, friend wouldn’t constantly do things the would damages an expensive watch, simply take the very same precautions with your engagement ring. Girlfriend don’t need to always take it off, just as you wouldn’t her watch. Just be responsibility is every we’re advising.

Can Diamonds Chip?


The sad fact is that chipped or damaged diamonds can’t it is in repaired. You have actually the an option of even if it is to live with a damaged stone or replace it. It’s likewise unlikely that your chipped diamond will have much that a trade-in value. Relying on the size of the rock and the location of the chip, it might be possible that the diamond can be re-cut. However, unless it is a pretty big diamond and pretty superficial damage, you would certainly be happy to realize much more than $100 for any chipped diamond.

But you have actually your ring insured, right? and you likewise made certain to incorporate loss and also damage as component of the policy? In the case, you can relax a small more. You’ll never ever replace the sentimental value, the course, however you should get a new diamond the end of it. Just know the an insurer will look closely at any type of claim to view if you to be negligent or not. If friend were mountain climbing as soon as you chipped her ring, for example, friend should most likely forget around your claim. But, if it taken place in continual everyday life, you must be okay.

Your diamond may not be as indestructible together you thought, however that doesn’t typical you shouldn’t gain it every the same.

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