Refurbished mattresses comprise an estimated 10 percent the mattresses sold. They space an inexpensive alternative to high-priced mattresses, but what is yes, really inside? The I-Team purchase one and also took the apart to discover out.

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TAMPA, Fla. — The ABC activity News I-Team is investigate the refurbished mattress industry, i beg your pardon experts believe may account because that as much as 10 percent of every mattress sales.

These mattresses room made from components of provided mattresses, which room recovered, then offered in discount stores.

But room they yes, really a large bargain?

We take it our mattresses to Wholesale Mattress Warehouse in Tampa, i beg your pardon sells only new mattresses do by a fourth-generation Florida-based manufacturer.

"This is not a factory covering. I have the right to tell since there are already holes in it," stated store manager Lisa Morrison.

She says the plastic spanning is much thinner than the ones the come top top the mattresses she sell.

Morrison likewise noticed there to be no labels on the refurbished mattresses.

"There should instantly be a brand at the prior of the ago of your mattress," she said.

The tag need to be white and also declare it overcome flammability tests and also is make of all brand-new materials.

Morrison claimed in recent months she store has actually heard indigenous customers that were upset that they unknowinglybought refurbished mattresses from other stores.

In Florida, it"s legal to offer refurbished mattresses, which have brand-new covers and also are supposed to be sanitized. The civilization who do them claim they room "sanitized," but ABC action News has found that could not always be happening.

The I-Team has actually uncovered the manufacturers and also retailers aren’t constantly letting consumers know what really may be inside.And because nobody on regular basis polices currently regulations, mattress refurbishing operations deserve to fly under the radar.

The problem? brand-new mattresses can sell because that hundreds or hundreds of dollars.

Not everyone have the right to afford to salary that much for a mattress, so client flock to stores whereby they can acquire a better deal.

Payless Furniture, a family members owned and also operated discount furniture keep in Tampa, sells refurbished mattress sets for $109. Customers, numerous of whom invested months sleeping on wait mattresses, to buy them at a price of dozens of sets a day.

“They claimed this is a great bed,” said Ozzie James, that bought a brand-new bed indigenous the store.

But he said it broke within weeks. He claims a rusty spring poked v the mattress cover.

“I slept top top that thing for at the very least two years, unfortunately, while it to be broken,” that said.

“Everything offers you the authorize that it was brand new,” stated a customer we complied with from the store, that didn’t desire to be identified since she to be embarrassed that the mattress she bought was all she might afford.

Payless choose up lots daily and also gets deliveries from Quisqueya Mattress Company, located on Nebraska Avenue. The mattresses come the end with brand-new covers and also in plastic bags.

But we wanted to see what was really inside, so us bought mattresses we saw made in ~ the factory, then ceded to Payless. The mattresses space cobbled with each other piece-by-piece from parts of other offered mattresses. Brand-new foam and also some brand-new batting is used in the process, but springs and also other products used in the manufacturing procedure come indigenous old mattresses.

“We pick them up, the supplied mattresses, to refurbish,” stated Tony Parades, that operates Quisqueya Mattress agency with his brothers Francisco Paredes.

They say they have actually refurbished mattresses for much more than 20 years and are amongst the finest in the business. They buy most of the mattresses lock refurbish from Sears, i m sorry hauls them away from customers that buy brand-new mattresses, the firm says.

The agency also sells them mattresses that were damaged during shipment.

During multiple days of surveillance at a Tampa refurbishing plant, us observed the firm buy dozens of supplied mattresses native just about anybody who pulled up to their loading dock.

When asked even if it is it bothered them the the sellers may have picked increase the old mattresses native trash piles, Tony Paredes said, “We nothing know. They’re simply bringing them to us.”

We complied with one of the sellers together he trolled apartment complexes feather for an ext mattresses.

Our camera was there as he pulled a box spring collection out of a junk pile and also threw it right into his van to sell.

The factory owners say only they refurbish the cleanest mattresses and also box springs, climate re-sell the remainder to other provided mattress sellers.

“The company I offer it to, they market it too, making an ext money,” claimed Franciso Paredes. “It’s a huge chain.”

During the manufacturing process, workers stuff mattresses with supplied materials and also squirt them with a blue fluid they speak sanitize them.

“That takes care of the whatever. Bacteria and stuff favor that,” Tony Paredes said.

But walk it?

We to buy a refurbished mattress native a discount furniture store and asked forensic scientist Anna Cox to take it it personally to watch what to be inside.

She provided exam gloves, a microscope, a black light and also a surgical lance in the process.

“Ok. You can see it right here already. You can see that visually,” Cox said, pulling away the new outer cover.

As it was removed, she found “not for this reason new” parts of old mattresses.

“You have the right to see visually, from simply removing this, just how dirty this mattress is,” Cox said.

Cox has actually been a crime step investigator for two decades and now trains others in evidence collection.

“These show up to be various mattresses the are just patched together and you really don"t know the history,” she said.

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The surfaces of old mattress covers, which are supplied as component of the batting for the refurbished mattresses, are filled through yellow stains.