2 video game Boards6 classification Sheets1 SpinnerPad that 50 Score Sheets4 Dice8 Markers


Give each player a various colored marker.

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(This will help keep score at the end).


Gently tear off a Write-In paper from the pad.


Pick 1 of the 6 category Sheets and place it over the empty Write-In sheet.


Grab the stacked classification Sheet, and also Write-In Sheet, (The group Sheet have to be on top, and the Write-In paper on the bottom). On slide both into the open up slot with the peak of the game Board. (If playing with 5+ people, use 2 video game Boards. See various other Rules section).


Give one human being the game Board, and give the player to their left 2 dice.


Now who spins the Letter crackhead to determine which letter will certainly be offered for the game. Once the letter has been determined, compose the letter top top the height left edge of the video game Board (see image). Every words written on that sheet need to start with that letter.


Game Play

Once the letter has actually been written on the board(s), count down: 3...2...1 ...GO! The video game has begun!


The player with the video game Board (the same player that wrote the letter ~ above the top left corner) currently starts filling out the group sheet v their mite as conveniently as lock can.

They don't have to fill it out in any specific order. They have to be fast, since they never understand just exactly how much time they need to write!

While that is happening, the player to your left roll 2 dice. The player need to keep roll the dice until they role doubles (the very same number top top both dice).

They must roll over and over again nevertheless of just how long the takes.

Once they role doubles, they need to pass the dice come the person to their left and grab the video game board away from the human being holding it.


Feel free to yell "DOUBLES" when you role doubles. It's no required however is a many fun!

Now the new person with the 2 dice keeps rolling until they roll doubles (just together the vault player to be doing).

The player with the video game Board will currently fill out the group Sheet as quickly as they deserve to (also simply as the ahead player to be doing).

The video game Board and also dice will continue rotating approximately the table accordingly. Continue filling the end the video game Board and also rolling the dice till all the category on the game board have actually been filled out.


When a player rolls doubles, lock can and should immediately grab the game board away from the player who's writing, even if they walk not end up writing their word.

Incomplete words perform not count and can be steal by an additional player if they finish writing the incomplete word.

Example: If Player A is make the efforts to compose "coffee" yet only has time to compose "cof", Player B can add the "fee" to finish the word. Player B now gets the point.

Note: including an "s" to make an currently written word many does not count as a steal.

Player Number

If you room playing with 5 or more players, we recommend using 2 game Boards and also 4 dice. Each video game Board should have a various letter created on the top left corner of its particular Write-In Sheet.

Make certain both video game Boards and the 2 sets the dice start as far away from each various other as feasible at the start of the game. The same gameplay uses as a consistent game, other than now there are 2 boards and 2 dice to adjust in play at once.

Use the noted Score Sheets to assist you save score when playing v bigger groups.

Double Trouble


When playing v 2 game Boards, over there is a chance one game Board will move from player come player much faster than the other.

If a player ends up through one collection of dice and also the 2nd Game Board, this is referred to as "Double Trouble".

That player can pick whether to role the dice or to continue to fill out the game Board. The is your choice!

Repeat Words

A player may not usage the very same word because that multiple category on the exact same board. However, the very same word may be used for multiple categories if one more player supplies it and it wake up to it is in a valid answer.

Example: Player A may not repeat the answer "strawberry" for the "Something Sweet" group if they have currently used "strawberry" because that the "Vegan Food" category. Yet Player B is enabled to use "strawberry" if they haven't created it yet.

Any disagreements on any kind of rules concerning things choose steals, words gift valid, or roll the dice, need to be voted top top by the team as a whole.

End the the Game

The video game ends once all the categories on the category Sheet have actually been to fill out.

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I have actually one player read them out loud therefore everyone can laugh in ~ the answers given! count the answers composed by each player making use of the mite colors to recognize who created which words. Usage the score card to tally.