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Don’t be fooled into thinking that your dog is the just pet that you can take out for a walk. Rabbit owners who want to take their floppy-eared friend for a hop about need to have actually the right equipment to execute so. And also this means choosing the best rabbit harness.

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However, make your an option can prove come be more than a little challenging. First, you require to uncover a harness the they space comfortable with. Otherwise, they won’t desire to undertake it. However you also need one the is entirely safe as you don’t desire to put your hare at risk of choking. Nothing just emphasis on the method it looks.

To assist you in the task of choosing, we have handpicked some of our favorite hare harnesses for you to pick from, together with a failure of every of their key features. So, stop hop to it!

The best Rabbit Harness

1 Niteangel adjustable Soft Harness because that Rabbits



At the optimal of the list, we have this soft rabbit harness, which is also adjustable to aid ensure their total comfort. Its big size provides it perfect for bigger pets, however there are other sizes obtainable as well. The material is padded come ensure her bunny’s comfort, and it is additionally made the mesh to assist it remain nice and also breathable.

As for the leash, the is completely elasticated to allow your rabbit to hop free, however still gives you the regulate to reign them in as soon as you need to. Make sure that you measure her rabbit properly prior to settling top top the ideal size of exploit to protect against disappointment.

Key Features:

Adjustable at stomach and chest

Easy control with the elastic leash

Made indigenous a durable mesh material

Secures with Velcro and also clips

Brand: Niteangel Weight: 2.4 ounces

2 Calunce Soft Rabbits harness


What come Look because that in a hare Harness

There space plenty of great rabbit harnesses out there, but there are likewise some no so good ones too. To have the ability to differentiate in between the two, you require to know some that the key features the you have to be looking the end for. So, these are what we space going to comment on in much more detail in the complying with section.


Rabbits are creatures that can startle and scare easy, and also their lull is so essential when they room wearing a leash. So, you need to ensure the the exploit is do of high-quality product that puts lull first. It need to not fixed or pinch at your body, yet rather contour to their natural shape in a method that provides the feel totally comfortable and also at ease. Look the end for soft padding that fits around their stomach and also neck area. Remember, you need to acquire the size and adjustments right. It should fit snugly without restricting your rabbit’s movements and also it shouldn’t make them feel constricted in any kind of way.


The next important quality that is worth pointing out is flexibility. This means that it is adjustable to right the details size of her rabbit quite than being also rigid. Also, look out for a leash that stretches. This offers your rabbit a degree of freedom to roam about as they would like, but likewise gives girlfriend the control to rein them in if you need to. This is especially important in stopping your pet from obtaining into perhaps dangerous situations. After all, rabbits room a tiny pet and natural prey of larger animals like dogs.


Another highly essential quality in a rabbit leash is durability. There is no allude in a leash that enables your fluffy girlfriend to be able to jump the end of it v no problems at all. Not only will this median that it is not effective, but it likewise could perhaps put her rabbit in danger, which is the exact opposite reason why you invest in the leash in the very first place. Also, if the leash is not durable, you are going to need to replace it much sooner than you would have actually liked.

Ease that Use

Rabbits are creatures that regularly don’t like to sit still if castle can assist it. So, if you deserve to put on and also take off the leash with fewer problems, this absolutely makes your life a many easier. Velcro and clips do the harness less complicated to attach and detach together you need to.


The dimension is so essential when picking the right bunny harness. It shouldn’t be for this reason tight the it restricts their movements in any kind of way, bring about them to get caught. A an excellent harness must offer a full variety of motions, while still offering you the regulate to keep them out of harm’s way. Ultimately, the whole point of a harness is that it minimizes the potential because that injury that your rabbit can suffer from.

Benefits that a rabbit Leash

The next thing the you are most likely to be wondering is why girlfriend would want to take your rabbit out on a leash in the an initial place. Well, there room a few main benefits, i beg your pardon we want to comment on in a little much more detail in the following section.

Explore new Areas

You wouldn’t prefer it every that lot if you to be cooped up indoors all day long. Yet with a rabbit harness, the two of you can explore new areas together. Of course, friend will constantly need come ensure that there is nothing the is going to possibly put your pet in harm’s way.

Keep castle Safe

If friend take her rabbit outdoors through a harness, that is an ext likely that they space going to run right into some type of danger. You always have manage over your rabbit and you can straight them elsewhere if girlfriend feel prefer they are going to run right into some type of difficulties.

Different species of hare Harnesses

There are a couple of various rabbit harnesses to pick between, therefore you require to have actually some an ext information about both before making her mind up.


First up, we have the H-harness, which gets its surname from the letter that it resembles as soon as it is set down. There will certainly be two buckles approximately the neck and also waist areas. These need to be adjustable to fir your rabbit. A piece associated to the buckles will permit strain to be taken native the leash. Protect against buying one the is designed for a different animal as it might well not fit her rabbit in the proper method that it is claimed to.

Vest Harness

Another popular architecture is the vest exploit style, i m sorry is specially made for smaller animals. It wraps roughly your rabbit fully, which makes it daunting for them come escape. Usually, it will fasten with each other using Velcro roughly the neck and also waist. There are periodically other fastening devices, but whatever the case, you must make certain that every one of these are properly tightened and secured.

Shoulder Harness

Alternatively, you might look for a harness that comes in a shoulder design. This is good for bunnies who are naturally reluctant to straps and loops. Essentially, the looks a bit like a horse harness through connecting straps throughout the chest front, removing push away indigenous the neck and transferring it come the shoulders wherein the leash attaches.


Tips for Walking your Rabbit ~ above a bunny Harness

While some rabbits will require to wearing a hare harness v no real issues, others will not be virtually as receptive. You are going to need to demonstrate a many patience, however if you have actually a rabbit who just doesn’t gain the practice, friend shouldn’t pressure them. Prior to you deserve to walk castle on a harness, you have to have collected a close connection with her pet. You can do this by safety time together, playing games, and other comparable bonding activities.

Before you close on the leash, you should allow your rabbit to get used to it by sniffing it. You have the right to then try putting the harness on, yet not doing increase the buckles. Execute this end a period of days. If your rabbit continues to struggle, it may simply no be best for them. If her rabbit does not resist, you can then shot doing the buckles up. Soon, castle should overlook the harness and also continue running approximately as they wish. You can then connect the leash and shot gently redirecting them native time to time.

The final step requires going out and permitting your rabbit to roam around. However, girlfriend should always have their security at the forefront of her mind. Avoid allowing them to enter the trees, bushes, or anywhere else wherein the leash may obtain trapped and they feel distressed.

Best rabbit Harness FAQ:

Q: how do i measure my hare for a harness?

A: Measuring her rabbit accurately is an important step in ensuring the you pick a harness the is the appropriate size, and one that isn’t merely going to on slide off. Girlfriend will need a flexible tape measure the you have the right to comfortably wrap roughly them. Measure carefully throughout their breast area towards one finger broad behind their front leg. Your rabbit have to be sitting during all this quite than laying top top the ground. Next, girlfriend will need to measure the one of their ship area. Friend will also need to take a neck measurement.

Remember, girlfriend should have the ability to place one or two fingers in between the neck and also waist straps. If the exploit is as well loose, her bunny is going to be able to slip the end of it with no issues. However, too tight and also it can scare your rabbit.

Q: how do i train my rabbit to go on a harness?

A: rabbit harnesses room a good way come let her pet reap the outside people under supervision. However, friend will should train castle to get used to it. Putting a leash ~ above a rabbit is different to placing one ~ above a dog. They have actually a smaller sized bone structure and also are an ext likely to gain scared by things roughly them – a reality that is specifically true if they occur to encounter any larger pets along the way.

First, you need to obtain your rabbit offered to the harness prior to you think about taking castle outside. Once they confront anything unfamiliar, castle are most likely to be a little wary of it. Start by putting it top top indoors and walking your rabbit around the residence while they are wearing it. Friend should also take the time to rabbit-proof your house beforehand. You room going to need to exercise a little of patience once you are acquiring your bunny provided to a leash. Part will require to it straight away, while rather will need a little much more encouragement.

Some rabbits room receptive to food rewards, so you can shot offering lock treats as an incentive to save going. Be afflicted with in mind that this is most most likely to work throughout the morning hours. Various other rabbits are an ext receptive to touching. For these ones, girlfriend should shot to save them patience by speaking in a soothing voice and also petting them from time to time. Take her cues from your rabbit. If they seem exceptionally reluctant to wear the harness, take it turn off and try again the following day fairly than forcing them come wear something the they are clearly uncomfortable with. Shot using the harness there is no the leash to begin with.

Get your rabbit used to the leash indoors before you decision to take them external – at the very least three days back to back is a good rule the thumb. Do everything gently and never yank the harness too hard as this might upset her rabbit.

While period isn’t necessarily going to hold you earlier from leash training your rabbit, enlarge rabbits can uncover things more an overwhelming as they can be suffering from arthritis or some other issues that room limiting your mobility. If you try leash training a young rabbit, you must bear in mind the you will require to readjust the size as castle grow, for this reason this is an additional obstacle which deserve to make things a small trickier. Contrary to what you might think, that is not necessarily easier to leash train a young rabbit 보다 a full-grown rabbit. In fact, the latter may have actually a longer attention span.

Q: Is a hare leash safe?

A: A bunny leash is normally safe for her rabbit. However, you have to take a couple of precautions. You should ensure the your outdoor area is for sure for her rabbit. If you space planning on taking them additional afield, you need to be especially wary of anything that is going to upset her rabbit like other animals, attention plants, changing weather conditions, and extreme temperatures. You have to keep your rabbit the end of the hot sun as much as possible, together they don’t have the same capability to cool themselves under like various other pets. And also the number one rule is the you need to never leave your rabbit top top a leash unsupervised as this puts them in a perhaps dangerous situation.

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Our peak Pick

To round points off, here’s a recap the our favourite product ~ above the list. It come in a big size that provides it suitable for enlarge pets, yet there are other sizes available. You can readjust it in ~ the chest and stomach, and also there is additionally another nylon strap through a snap buckle. The material used is resilient mesh, helping to maximize breathability. And it also helps come prevent excessive gripping or rubbing.