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Ok I have started this project and also I"m gonna complete it... I constructed a bar because that my basement, and I have actually a slab that oak because that the top. I have already sanded and applied an oil base stain, pertained to find out the epoxy i ordered (kleer koat) does will not job-related over oil based stain. I desire to understand The actions I have to take to complete this without removing the stain. Carry out I usage polyurethane and also let cure before using epoxy? Or perform I use some kind of sealer? which one will work the best for me? and I arrangement on placing epoxy end the next to keep the live sheet . It doesn"t have to be prefect, I just want the epoxy to host up . Any type of info will be substantially appreciated !!!
If friend promply clear all the stain turn off after you used it and enabled the stain come dry for a pair of days i don"t recognize of any reason the epoxy complete shouldn"t work.
With my bad wood working skills... I didn"t wipe the stain off... However it"s been dry for about 2 weeks... Feel dry as a bone... However I"ve check out that you should use a polyurethane end oil based for the epoxy to bond best E

I always seal my top after staining with SealCoat by Zinsser. Then use epoxy. After 100 add to gallons the poured epoxy ns haven"t had actually a problem yet.
With my bad wood functioning skills... Ns didn"t wipe the stain off... However it"s been drying for about 2 weeks... Feel dry as a bone... Yet I"ve check out that you must use a polyurethane over oil based because that the epoxy come bond ideal E
You should constantly wipe off a stain regardless of what sort of finish you put on it. Stain doesn"t bond come the wood choose a end up does. If you have actually a layer of stain on peak of the lumber the finish will bond to the stain instead of the wood and also peal off. From whereby you room I would certainly recommend clean everything the wood through lacquer thinner to be sure you don"t have any kind of dry stain ~ above the surface. Polyurethane inherently has adhesion troubles even to itself. Girlfriend don"t desire to put any type of kind that polyurethane on the timber if you intend to usage an epoxy finish. The epoxy just won"t adhere come it. If you wished come seal the lumber you might use a cloak of Zinsser Sealcoat. The epoxy complete will bond come it.

Like the other guys, i really doubt that an epoxy end up wouldnt adhere come stained wood, listed the stain was correctly applied. BUT, the civilization who make the stuff probably know best how to apply their product, so finest to listen. Ns wouldnt stroked nerves sanding turn off the stain though, prefer its been suggested id placed on a seal coat of dewaxed shellac. Dewaxed shellac is a global sealant, that is to say the goes end pretty much any finish and pretty much any kind of finish will adhere to is, therefore it functions perfectly for something favor this. Just make certain to acquire DEWAXED shellac, the waxy stuff doesnt job-related quite the same. Prefer everybody else has said, i prefer zinser sealcoat for this.

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I dubbed the place where ns order the epoxy and also they told me to use a oil based polyurethane let dry because that 48 hrs the put the epoxy
I called the place where ns order the epoxy and also they called me to use a oil based polyurethane permit dry because that 48 hours the put the epoxy
I"ve seen locations that recommended polyurethane. Ns don"t treatment for the concept. There is too countless adhesion problems with polyurethane. All they are concerned about is a barrier coat between the linseed oil in the stain and also the epoxy. If the linseed oil is permitted to dry completely there isn"t a need for a obstacle coat. Ns recommend making use of a obstacle coat for a water based polyurethane end oil stains execute to adhesion problems. Personally i don"t think you could do much better than sealcoat because that a barrier coat.
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