Q: Is it legal because that someone to record a boy without their consent?

A managed by took place where in the video record that the managed by over there is clip of a young smoking. I assumed that there is no a minors permission given it is versus the law and versus their rights?

Michael Mayoral answered on Oct 28, 2021

over there are regulations against video voyeurism (Fla. Stat. 810.145) and recording audio there is no a person's consent (934.03), however both laws have actually exceptions for legislation enforcement. This should be disputed with the criminal defense attorney handling the case. Also, legit steps have the right to be taken to protect the... Read an ext »

Q: my daughter was affiliated in a fight and now the college is trying to expel her. How have the right to I fight for her rights

The other party has since withdrawn from school and my daughter is obtaining all the fault. They also say they investigated however will not share any type of of the record


Q: I requested an Officer to press charges because that my stepson kicking me in the ago and vandalizing my home with a sharpie.

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However, the officer said I go not take on him and also he is allowed to litter things around the house. I am make the efforts to obtain a organize of a supervisor and also I to be told come call earlier when he is ago from vacation. You re welcome Advise. I feel strongly the police space bias and not doing there job. Also, my mam is trying... Read an ext »

Michael Mayoral answered on Sep 27, 2021

So, that is certainly not the regulation that who is enabled to absent you in the earlier and vandalize your house just due to the fact that you didn't take on him. The crime because that vandalizing is referred to as "Criminal Mischief," administrate by Florida state 806.13. The crime for kicking you in the ago is called... Read more »

Q: I'm 17 . Parent is non compliant of a court order, i refuse to continue to be with my toxicity mom, hasn't sustained me is CO void

I've been living with my grandparents for practically 8 months. They've supported me 100%. Mom agreed and even threw me out ( step dad did to) one time. She is toxicity emotionally and also physically, to me. I lose interest in school and also life in general. I'm 17, a senior in high institution have... Read much more »


Camila young name answered top top Jul 29, 2021

friend should have your father consult through an attorney to try to change the present timesharing order for this reason the Judge can make a decision of what is the finest for you based on your existing situation. Another different will it is in to document for emancipation, but you will need to meet all the statutory... Read an ext »

Q: have the right to my dad take my phone far if i’m 17 and also he paid because that it?

he paid because that the phone and also pays because that the phone bill but he can just avoid that deserve to he take my phone call legally?


Q: simply a little question about court since I am clueless to everything…

as soon as I spoke to the sheriffs, they told me castle would carry out a “public attorney” since I execute not have the funds because that one and also it’s to be a week and also ever due to the fact that all I acquire are advertisements in the mail but not the one that has actually been told come me… therefore my question is once or how will I acquire in contact... Read more »

Henry George Ferro reply on Jul 18, 2021

as a former judge and attorney of virtually forty years, my ide is the you actively pursue any kind of appointed attorney or public defender so that you have the right to keep you yourself informed regarding the status of your case…Nothing is worse 보다 waiting for the day of court to discover things out…This likewise applies... Read an ext »

1 answer | request in Criminal Law, Divorce, Child Custody and Juvenile Law for Florida ~ above Jul 13, 2021
Q: Hello, i have been shedding sleep and having stress around courtday. The my very first time gaining a misdemeanor (812.015)

ns don’t want to walk to jail and I have a child to support and a in the center of a divorce. I’ve gotten out that a toxicity relationship and dealt v abuse farming up and the father is not taking any type of responsibility for child, the dorn I’ve excellent is that i took part redbull and used giftcards to... Read more »

Tim Akpinar reply on Jul 13, 2021

host on there... Do NOT also THINK OF finishing your life end something like this. Only a Florida lawyer who techniques criminal defense need to advise here. Yet your inquiry was alarming in that is nature. You're gonna acquire through this. Hope a Florida lawyer knowledgeable in criminal... Read an ext »

Q: can my 17 y/o daughter live with her sister without my consent? I have asked she to come house to both the them

mine 17-year-old daughter was staying with her father also though ns am primary parent in our custody arrangement. Her father is now in jail and she has actually been continuing to be with she sister. I have made it really clear from work 1 to both of mine daughters that i am no ok with this and I want her to come home.... Read an ext »

Tami lane Augen reply on Jul 4, 2021

You have the parental legal rights to perform what you must do to gain her earlier home. This, unfortunately, is wherein the law and also reality clash. You most likely will not also get into court before your daughter turns eighteen. Probably you deserve to work v her and also her sister in terms of advising the you are... Read more »

Q: My friend is make the efforts to kick me out of his apartment and telling me that i can't take our daughter with me
Tami roadway Augen answer on Jun 17, 2021

the is not completely clear what your question is. There are particular laws in Florida that govern the parent boy relationship as soon as a son is born out of wedlock. You might want come schedule a time come speak v a qualified family law attorney to talk about what your options are under this particular... Read an ext »

Q: If ns kick my daughter's BF the end of my home is it call abuse. He is 17 and my girl is 16. His legal address is no my home

we didn't kick him. We just told him to gain out our house. Since his mother said by phone call him acquire out we abuse she son. Thank you for you all answer mine question.

Terrence H Thorgaard reply on may 18, 2021

No, why would you think that; assuming girlfriend don't literally absent him? You have no duty to allow him to stay in her home.

Q: my 15 y.o. Nephew from NY has runaway if down right here in FL. What do I do?

my sister sent out my nephew down below to live with me since he to be trying drugs, no doing fine in school and also coming/going from the house whenever he wanted. At first he was doing so well down here...said it was toxic in NYC and also he appreciated the quieter environment. However, now he misses his... Read more »

Tami roadway Augen answer on may 6, 2021

space his parents coming to Florida to discover him and/or pick him up? castle should think about take responsibility for him and also should report him together a runaway. Do you recognize where that is? You might want to think about speaking v an attorney and moving front in regards to reporting him as a runaway and/or to... Read an ext »

1 answer | asked in Family Law, Adoption, Child Custody and Juvenile Law for Florida top top Mar 15, 2021
Q: my children and also I stayed in Florida and also the inlaws took them to TN and refused come return. Do I need a FL or Tn lawyer?

Is there any method to obtain the case brought to Fl? If therefore how? exactly how do I understand what lawyer come get? They space trying to embrace them and I desire my babies back home asap!

Terrence H Thorgaard answer on Mar 15, 2021

If the children have been the end of Florida for less than 6 months, you would certainly sue in Florida for custody. It is uncertain what in-laws take it them to Tennessee and are make the efforts to adopt them; the parents of the children's various other parent?

Q: it s okay i’m 18 and out the the house. My dad is telling me that is walk to speak to the cops since i’m lacking school.
Terrence H Thorgaard answer on Feb 5, 2021

And? It's not a crime to skip institution if you room 18 or older.

Q: I'm a 17yrs old female dating a 15yrs male. Top top December I will certainly be transforming 18 would that be illegal for me to day him?

We started dating a couple of days earlier of this years but I'm wondering as soon as I turn 18 will that be illegal because that me? ns don't setup on having actually sex v him until he turns 18.

Terrence H Thorgaard answered on Feb 4, 2021

If you space asking about sexual battery (statutory rape in most states), no, date (as protest to sex-related activity) is no prohibited.

Q: My mommy doesnt desire me living with her .. Is over there anyway i can sue my mom or push charges top top her even though im 17?

My mommy was yes, really abusive to me and also my sister. Us are embraced and we are around a year and also a fifty percent apart and me and also her have the right to share storage on when mom would kick and punch and slap us and also hit ours heads versus a wall surface and she nearly drowned mine sister one time. As soon as i to be 16 i began running away... Read more »

Henry George Ferro reply on jan 13, 2021

Claims versus your mother deserve to be lodged in either polite or criminal court. For the criminal proceedings, friend may contact local legislation enforcement or room of Children and also Families. A civil insurance claim is somewhat more complex and expensive, friend may contact a neighborhood lawyer. I will,... Read more »

Q: have the right to a parent contact the police ~ above there kid in order to get them removed from the home ?

My boyfriend is 17 and also his parents don’t like him they proceed to discover ways and also reasons come threaten him, absent him out, or call the police. The is quiet a minor and also has been sustaining them by payment bills due to the fact that he might make money. He hardly ever actually walk anything wrong. Nobody of what he does is... Read more »

Bruce Alexander Minnick answer on jan 4, 2021

unless he has been emancipated by a court of regulation your boyfriend's parents space legally responsible for him, and can impose whatever "house rules" castle desire. However, they might NOT "kick that out" until he is 18. Lock are likewise wasting over there breath threating to "call the... Read an ext »

Q: can I be charged of rape if i come v my girlfriend come the U.S. Top top vacation? i’m 18 and she’s 15, we live in Brazil.

The legal consent age is different over these, so ns wondering if I can be in problem while being in u.s. Territory.

Terrence H Thorgaard answered on Nov 21, 2020

Certainly, if you have sex through her once you're here; you can be charged under the legislations of whichever U.S. State you are in.

Q: Is there any penalty because that leaving 14 year old house alone with 4 children(7&under) every weekend for hrs (12 hours)

ns afraid for the security of all children in the house while parents space away every weekend and coming residence drunk. One of the kids being looked after is handicapped. On occasion they can leave every one of them residence alone without adult supervision for approximately 12 hours.

Bruce Alexander Minnick answer on Oct 12, 2020

Report this behavior to son Protective solutions at the department of kids & family Services in Tallahassee. Google it.

Terrence H Thorgaard answered on Sep 13, 2020

by "dating", execute you median sex? As indicated in Wikipedia , "The age of consent in Florida is 18, but close-in-age exemptions exist. By law, the exemption permits a person 23 years of age or... Read much more »

Q: can I relocate without major issues?

i am 16, financially secure with the existing job ns am working and can assistance myself. I want to move out not as result of abuse or anything just to be able to have responsibilities, my mother says she i will not ~ be mad about it yet she will have to file a lacking report with the police for this reason she wouldn’t... Read more »

Bruce Alexander Minnick reply on Sep 5, 2020

Whoa. Both you and your mommy are asking for large time trouble if you go under that path. Your mom would be committing a criminal act (intentionally submit a false report) and also you would certainly probably end up in a juvenile protection facility (nice sounding name for jail).


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