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During the regular school year a semester-long course offers 85-90 days of instruction. Summer institution courses room condensed right into fewer days and longer instructional course periods. Each duration during Summer institution is the identical to 3-4 work of instruction throughout the constant school year. Attendance and punctuality are vital for scholastic success in Summer School and is directly associated to the quantity of chair time compelled by the State to obtain high college course credits over the summer. Teachers take it attendance for each scheduled class period. Students are expected to be present and on-time for every classes. Summer college attendance records are legal papers that space monitored because that accuracy. ALL absences count in the direction of the attendance policy.

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Summer institution operates a two period daily schedule end 26 days. Summer college is split into two 13-Day sessions; conference 1 and also Session 2. Courses for credit can be bring away in one of the following formats:

13-Day, 1-credit process meet because that two class periods each day native 8:15am-1:15pm. The schedule contains two 10-minute breaks, one throughout each period.26-Day, 1-credit courses meet for one course period, one of two people 8:00-10:30am (1st period) -OR- 11:05am-1:35pm (2nd period). The schedule contains one 10-minute break during each period. College student enrolled in both periods will have actually a 30 minute break in in between the 2 periods26-Day, 2-credit courses accomplish for two course periods every day from 8:15am-1:15pm. The schedule consists of two 10-minute breaks, one during each period.
The critical day of course in Summer college Session 1 and also Summer college Session 2 are complete days of class and attendance is required.A student that is lacking on the critical day of class in the Summer institution session because that which they room enrolled will certainly not be allowed to take it the final exam and also will be taped as “not in attendance” and also will obtain a failing class of “F” by default. Final exams will certainly not be offered early.No credit or refund will certainly be given.
Tardiness TypeDefinitionConsequence
Tardy (T)Student come to course after the bell and less 보다 5 minutes.6 tardy codes same one class period of absence
Unauthorized tardy (UT)
Student arrives to class an ext than 29 minute after the bell. Even though an lack will be issued, student should plan to attend their classes because attendance is taken by period.

Parents and studentsdo notneed to contact the Summer college office if there is one emergency or if a student will be missing for Summer School. If an absence occurs, students should call their teacher(s) to attain information and also work that was missed.

Make-Up Work

Students need to expect a far-ranging amount the in-school work in Summer institution courses and a reasonableamount that homework. Due to the fact that there are no excused absences in Summer School, students will need toconsult through their teacher concerning make-up work for full or partial credit.Teachers space not permitted to schedule time for students to make up absences by spendingextra time with the teacher. While students are encouraged to talk through their teacher to comprise missed assignments, the time invested obtaining assistance or obtaining absent work will certainly not change anabsence. Let go assignments must be turn in automatically upon return to school.

Embracing that is diversity, dedicates chin to educating all students to their fullest potential.

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Embracing the diversity, dedicates chin to educating all students to your fullest potential.

Terms that UseSchoolwires Privacy plan (Updated)