Mariage licenses are being approve by meeting only. You re welcome be certain to contact the office within the 30-day window of your wedding to schedule one appointment. Currently, times are limited due to COVID-19.Both applicants must appear together when applying for a marital relationship license. The marriage Bureau hrs are 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday v Friday. We are located in the Sussex County governmental Building, 2 The Circle, Room 226, 2nd floor, Georgetown, Delaware.Each applicant is required to present a valid picture identification. The identification may be a driver’s license, a State-issued to know card, a passport or a military identification. Proof of residence is forced if requesting the Delaware resident fee.You should be at least eighteen year of period to use for a marriage license.Applicants may not be regarded each other.Applicants should not be under the affect of medicine or alcohol.No blood test is required.If a mrs applicant is divorced and legally reclaimed she maiden name, we need the original, true copy or a certified copy of the name readjust court papers. A star chep is no acceptable.If one of two people applicant has actually been married and also the marital relationship was terminated by divorce or annulment, we call for the critical divorce or annulment decree. It should be signed by a Judge and also bear a seal indicating that it is the original, true copy or a certified copy. A star chep is no acceptable.If either applicant has actually been married and the marriage was terminated by death, we require the original, true copy or a certified copy that the death certificate. A photocopy is no acceptable.You will need to understand all front wedding dates (MM/DD/YYYY).If either applicant is ~ above probation or parole, castle must have written permission come marry from your probation or parole officer.Birth certificates room not forced but advantageous in the process. If girlfriend don"t have one handy, please understand the complying with information when you come in because that an application:Father"s first, middle and also last nameMother"s first, middle and also maiden critical nameState or country of birth because that both parentsState or nation of residence because that both parentsIf either applicant needs an interpreter, castle must administer their own. The interpreter need to be at least eighteen years of age There is a part-time Spanish-speaking interpreter working in the office, please call (302) 853-1717 to discover out their availability.The marriage license is valid for 30 days, based on time of application. Save in mind, if you apply online, her time of application will certainly be the moment that you complete the application procedure in the office. It have to be supplied in that time period. It is only valid in the State of Delaware. The waiting period is 24 hrs (based top top time the application) for every applicants.Please permit at the very least 20 minutes for the marital relationship application process.

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This alternative is for applying for a brand-new marriage license. If you require a certified copy the a license for a marriage that has currently taken place, view Certified duplicates of Records. Note: The military fee waiver cannot be offered for virtual applications; girlfriend must use in human being to receive the waiver.

Have your credit transaction card and photo I.D. Info ready prior to proceeding through the bespeak process. Because that an online marriage application, all blocks have to be filled in prior to completion. When it is fill in completely, your virtual license application will be processed. You will NOT get anything in the mail about this transaction.

Are you currently on Probation or Parole? If yes, friend must have the room of corrections authorization to use for a marital relationship license. Space you in a prohibited level of partnership or party to a previous polite union or legal residential partnership? associated in anyway to one one more or tho married to someone else? If yes, friend cannot use for a marital relationship license. Please call our office for additional information in ~ (302) 853-1717.

You room ordering your marriage license native the Sussex County marital relationship Bureau. It need to be choose up through BOTH applicants in ~ the Sussex County marital relationship Bureau and also can be used all over in the State of Delaware.

When you pick up her license, you can not be under the affect of drugs or alcohol. The 24 hour waiting duration from issuance of license to use of a license still applies when ordering online and also that time frame starts at the moment that you choose up your patent from ours office.

Before completing an virtual order, make sure your information is accurate. Once the stimulate is placed, the details cannot be readjusted or corrected. If girlfriend re-enter go Certificates ~ the completion of her order, you will be generating a new order and will be billed accordingly. Please check your entries for accuracy prior to completing your order. Virtual orders it is registered after 4 pm Friday v 8 to be Monday will be processed on Monday.

In addition to your acquisition price, your credit card will be fee $19.95 by go Certificates for handling your order.

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All transactions are final and no refunds will be given for applications fees. Consciousness fees may be transferred to an additional date for an excellent cause.