When her car’s wheel rate goes bad, you’d get the sign, apparently. It either triggers the check engine light to show up on your dashboard, or friend would an alert several other signs that something is in reality wrong v your auto wheels.

Now, the large question is, just how long deserve to you drive a car with a negative speed sensor?

Normally, a negative wheel sensor won’t cause your automobile to prevent running; so, you could still have the ability to drive long ranges still.

But then, fan to the reality that contemporary cars room now an ext sophisticated than ever before – integrating numerous smart equipment that work correlatively, a poor wheel sensor can possibly bring your car to a stop.

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How Long have the right to You drive a car With a bad Speed Sensor?

It is essential to recognize the work of speed sensors, and also that would repaint a clear picture of just how long you can drive as soon as one – or every – the them walk bad.

Speed sensors room attached to every wheel of a vehicle; so, if your vehicle has four wheels, it’d also have 4 wheel rate sensors.

The duty of this sensors is come detect the rate of every wheel they space attached to and also pass the info to the transmission/ABS/ESP regulate unit device in the type of electric signals.

More so, the wheel sensors newer modern cars deserve to detect the rotational rate of each wheel they space attached to.

Now, having actually known the function(s) that wheel rate sensors, here’s what happens as soon as one or all of them go bad.

When a speed sensor is faulty or totally bad, it would send wrong or no signal to the linked system, which can be the ECM, ESP, or ABS system.

When this wrong signals are processed by the ABS system, it could reason you come experience certain abnormalities together as challenge in changing gears, part driver assistance technologies may start to malfunction (ex. Cruise control), and also other feasible scenarios.

So, a bad speed sensor doesn’t actually avoid your vehicle from running, but the wrong signal it sends to the ABS or transmission can trigger details smart contents of your auto to avoid functioning properly.

That said, driving a vehicle with a negative wheel sensor is dangerous and not advisable. Much more so, speed sensors are inexpensive come replace.

Even despite it might just be one sensor the went bad, that is advisable to readjust all of them at a go because they space inexpensive and won’t take lot time to get fixed.

How Long can You journey a vehicle With a negative Wheel speed Sensor?


Don’t get perplexed here, wheel speed sensors space the exact same as “speed sensors.” In fact, lock are likewise called ABS sensors or transmission sensors. Hence, what we’ve explained over applies to this question, too.

When you obtain the symptoms that your wheel speed sensor is most likely faulty or bad, you can troubleshoot to known the exactly faulty sensor.

Regardless, if you can, readjust all the them at a go; it is more beneficial and thoughtful.

What Happens as soon as a Wheel rate Sensor go Bad?

The effect of a bad wheel rate sensor might differ from automobile to vehicle. However, generally, her car’s performance would certainly be affected.

Below room some common scenarios that take place when her car’s rate sensors fail.

1. Lose of Traction

You will notice that your auto doesn’t seem balanced on the road; there’d it is in a far-reaching change in traction control, and you’d uncover it challenging to drive on hills.

There are other similar signs you may notice, but a lose of security is the commonest.

2. Examine Engine Light will Come On

Apparently, once the infection reads the wrong signal from the negative speed sensor, it might shut down particular controls and also illuminate the examine engine irradiate on your dashboard.

3. Transmission Problems

Apparently, a bad/failing wheel speed sensor will certainly directly impact your car’s transmission – if your automobile runs with an automatic transmission.

Hence, among the commonest indicators of a poor wheel speed sensor is inconsistent automatic infection operations together as tough or delayed shifts, inconsistent equipment changes, etc.

Loss that control, stability, and also traction, as well as transmissions-related issues, room the commonest things that happen when your car’s wheel speed sensor(s) walk bad.

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Are you browsing to recognize long you have the right to drive through a poor speed sensor? Well, there’s no estimated time you have the right to drive v a failing auto speed sensor (wheel rate sensor).

However, once you gain the indicators that your rate sensors are around to go bad, do well come act proactively to avoid costlier repairs such as infection failure.

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Also, you should know that rate sensors have the right to be referred to as car speed sensors, wheel rate sensors, ABS sensors, or transmission sensors.

So, when you see world mentioning one of two people of these abovementioned names, they are referring to the very same thing – speed sensors.