Building a deck is one of the many enjoyable and lucrative home advancement projects you have the right to undertake. No matter how complex or simple, a perfect deck is a great place to spend time with friends and also family and enjoy your home. Over there is one thing, however, that have the right to throw a wrench in your deck building plans, deserve to you construct a deck end a septic tank?

You can build a deck end a septic tank, yet that doesn’t constantly mean friend should. Building your deck with a septic tank under requires much more planning, building code knowledge, and also has the potential because that disaster. If you want to build a deck end a septic tank, you need to do the right!

In this article, you’ll find out the basics of structure decks end septic tanks, the risks, and also building codes associated with these projects, so you know whether or not this is a good idea for your home!
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Can You build a Deck over a Septic Tank?


Depending on whereby you live, the footings the the deck need to be at least 5-10 feet from the tank at every point. This could lead to the deck shrinking or farming in dimension to accommodate these rules. You can use this link to discover state-level code about septic systems. Because that a far better perspective, consult your local building codes or speak to a knowledgeable plumbing contractor or home inspector!

Even if your locality enables footings closer than 5 feet, the is still wise to keep the deck footings at least 5 feet from the tank. Law so will ensure that you never compromise the verity or efficiency of her septic system.

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Can You construct a Floating Deck over a Septic Tank?

Floating decks, which are basically freestanding wooden platforms built at class or just above-grade, have to not be built over a septic tank. The weight of the deck on the supports deserve to displace and disturb the septic system’s capability to correctly treat and drain waste. Ignoring this can an outcome in her being the proud owner the the stinkiest floating deck in the city.

A straightforward solution come this is to build a hybrid floating deck: using buried footings favor a typical deck, yet keeping lock short and separate from the dwelling like a floating deck. This will provide the illustration of a floating deck without forcing the soil above the septic tank to support extr weight.

Can You construct a Deck over a Septic Field?

You need to never construct a deck over a septic field. Septic areas are draft to enable effluent to drain out right into the groundwater or evaporate right into the air. Mental the septic field results in backup, do the soil muddy through contaminated fluid. The stench and appearance will be an extremely noticeable and may require extensive repairs top top the entire septic system.

Even if you space looking to develop over one unused septic field, girlfriend should check the soil extensively to make certain it is no longer draining. When you’ve shown that the drain field is no active, friend are complimentary to build over it together if the were normal ground.

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What deserve to You placed Over a Septic Tank?

The just things that deserve to go directly over a septic tank space decks or pergolas that have actually footings much more than 5 feet far from the tank. Various other structures, like concrete slabs, foundations, and also even shrubbery can seriously impact the health and also effectiveness the the septic system.


Building a deck end a septic tank deserve to be tricky. That is possible but not constantly wise. Even when you do develop the deck, over there are many things to keep in mind. Before you develop a deck over a septic tank, do your research, plan extensively, and constantly prioritize the septic system! have actually you developed over a septic tank in the past? perform you have actually any more questions around your upcoming deck project? Leave your thoughts in the comments ar below!