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Do not drink coke and also have mentos, the mixture will cause a chemistry reaction and kind cyanide leading to your stomach to explode.

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Dont eat Mentos prior to or after drinking Coke or Pepsi coz the human being will die immediately as the mixture i do not care cyanide.. Please fwd to who u care

A mixture that Mentos and also Coca cola eliminated two Brazilian children. 


There have been plenty of messages and also videos choose these warning not to eat Mentos before or after drinking Coke or Pepsi, specifically with Diet Coke, claiming the the mixture will generate a chemical reaction forming Cyanide, i beg your pardon will ultimately explode your stomach. Part messages additionally claim that 2 Brazilian children died as such adverse reaction the Mentos with Coca Cola. However, the truth are totally different.

It is a reality that when you put a Mentos in a Coke/Pepsi or any type of other carbonated drink bottle, like displayed in part videos, it causes the soft drink to fizz heavily. And when over there is any tiny opening in the bottle, the pressure built up because the this fizzing deserve to indeed shoot up the drink right into air, ‘similar’ to an explosion. This happens due to the fact that the Mint (Menthol) smell of Mentos produces fast foam and also the numerous small pores ~ above the Mentos’ surface ar induce the release of cardon dioxide kind the soda drink, once it come in contact with the drink. This sudden boost in surface stress of the fluid releases the fizzing carbon dioxide of carbonated drink like a rapid explosion. Yet the suggest to be listed here is, this is no a chemistry reaction, that is simply a physics reaction. This Mentos eruption to be observed come be much more in case of Diet Coke, due to the fact that of that is brown shade – the potassium benzoate, aspartame, and CO2 gas included in the Diet Coke, which combine with the gelatin and also gum arabic ingredients of the Mentos, contributing to form excess foam.

Therefore, the article saying that eating Mentos before or after drink Coke or Pepsi causes a chemistry reaction inside her body, develops cyanide or results in deadly explosion is a details hoax. Like pointed out in the message, there were no such deaths reported. There have been plenty of real and fake videos mirroring this Mentos eruption v Diet Coke and also other carbonated drinks. The video above is a news report that reflects how world made together explosions.

However, the is also important not to try and experiment this Mentos eruption impact with a grasp of Mentos after drink coca cola or pepsi, like couple of people have done the in the past and certainly got hurt as a an outcome of the extreme reaction. If you space doing any kind of this adventure, the intense gas and foam developed inside can gush out through your mouth in a very uncomfortable way, and it could even danger your cradle system. You can want to clock this disadvantage reaction in the referral section, but here is a warning again not to try it.

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Hoax or Fact:

Mixture the hoax and facts.


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