Eye worries are nice common amongst dogs, however that doesn’t average they aren’t a big deal. Some eye injuries and also problems can finish up compromising her dog’s vision, and also even fairly minor problems are often very painful.

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This method that problems through your pup’s peepers have to be regarded as a medical emergency, which will certainly necessitate a trip to the vet. In fact, you’ll want to gain your vet ~ above the phone call just about anytime your dog suffers native an eye issue.

But there space a couple of things you deserve to do to assist minimize her dog’s discomfort and also give that the finest chance in ~ a quick recovery, and also that has keeping part dog-safe eye fall on hand.

Below, we’ll talk around some of the ideal over-the-counter eye drops for dogs, synopsis some that the many common and also noteworthy eye issues dogs experience, and share some basic tips because that protecting your pooch’s eye below.

Just require a rapid recommendation? Remend Lubricating Eye Drops space designed specifically for pets and work well together a dog-safe eye rinse.

Key Takeaways: ideal Dog-Safe Eye DropsMost canine eye concerns will call for veterinary assistance. Not just do owners typically struggle to identify the type of eye difficulty they’re confronted with, but eye problems often reason intense ache for her pet.There space some dog-safe eye drops easily accessible that you’ll want to have in your canine first-aid kit. Most eye fall that’ll properly treat things choose eye epidemic (and the associated pain) require a prescription, yet there are some over-the-counter dog eye drops available that can assist in a first-aid context.Like most other health problems, prevention and also early detection are an essential with eye issues. We’ll define a couple of of the ideal ways to safeguard your dog’s eye to protect against injuries and also list some of the key symptoms (such as abnormal discharges and also eyes that appear “hazy”) you’ll desire to watch for.

Eye difficulties in dog Are major

We’ve already explained that eye worries are serious and also that they’ll generally require veterinary attention.

But this is the type of point that bears repeating, together many dogs end up enduring needlessly due to the fact that their owner don’t recognize the seriousness that the issue.

So, simply be sure that friend don’t shrug off eye issues.



These lubricating eye drops room designed for humans, however they’ll work-related for her dog too.

Note that there aren’t a ton the user reviews for Viscotears – a fact which generally reasons us to stop recommending a product. However, ours consulting veterinarian is a fan of the product and also recommends it to owner in the food of she clinical work.

Accordingly, we feel 100% comfortable recommending that here.

ProsSafe, efficient treatment because that dogs with dry eyesDoesn’t cause pain and helps soothe the discomfort brought about by dried eyesBulk tube are fairly affordable (single-dose units space a bit an ext expensive)Doesn’t call for a prescription
ConsNot clearly designed for dogs (though that is for sure for canine use)A few people reported that the drops are really large, make it slightly messySome users uncovered that the single-dose packaging do it difficult to applyGel-like consistency have the right to make it hard to disperse into the eye

4. Refresh Optive Lubricant Eye Drops

About: refresh Optive Lubricant Eye autumn are one more option for doggos through dry eyes. Favor Viscotears, update Optive Drops room actually design for human being use, yet they’re for sure for your pooch too. In enhancement to hydrating her hound’s eyes, this drops assist soothe and also prevent the damage long-term, on-going dryness deserve to cause.

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Refresh Optive Eye Drops

Soothing eye fall that room designed for people but perfect for doggo usage too.


Packaged in single-use vialsTwo simple active ingredients: carboxymethylcellulose sodium and also glycerinPreservative freeAvailable there is no a prescription
ProsThe product has actually received thousands of optimistic reviewsSingle-dose packaging is convenientVery affordable, do them right for treating on-going eye dryness

Tear stains room a usual eye trouble – especially among many white dog breeds.

However, unlike countless of the other ailments and injuries we’re pointing out here, tear stains no dangerous, nor will they reason your dog any kind of distress. They just look kinda grody. And also fortunately, you deserve to usually law this ~ above your very own (though you have to talk around them v your vet throughout your pet’s next appointment).

We’ve talked around the whole tear-stain problem at length before, for this reason we’ll reduced to the chase here: You want to choose up Burt’s Bees Tear Stain Remover. That the just dog-safe, non-toxic, and effective tear-stain treatment we’ve uncovered on the market.

Dogs can suffer native a range of various eye problems, for this reason proper very first aid will differ from one instance to the next. We’ll walk you v a couple of various scenarios and explain the finest course of action below.

Your Dog suffers a Traumatic Eye Injury

If her dog suffers a major eye trauma, you’ll want to cover it through a soft bandage and also head come the vet or emergency vet clinic immediately.

This would incorporate things like the eye gift punctured by a stick, dull trauma to the eye region, or big amounts of debris acquiring into the eye. If noþeles is sticking out of your dog’s eye, you’ll want to shot to covering it v a document cup or other similar, come prevent further injury.

Your Dog’s Eyes space Bleeding

If you watch bleeding into the eye, head over to the vet in ~ once. This contains bleeding in the sclera — the white portion of the eye — or bleeding in the actual eyeball (in i beg your pardon case, you’d likely see the blood in or roughly the pupil).

Your Dog’s Eyes appear Blueish

If the cornea of your dog’s eye has actually a blueish tint, you’ll desire to seek immediate veterinary assistance. This deserve to indicate corneal edema, which method that serious inflammation is occurring.

Note that a blue-tinted pupil is typically not a medical emergency; it frequently indicates nuclear sclerosis or cataracts. Dog cataracts will need veterinary care, however not “drop-everything-and-head-to-the-vet” level care. 

Your Dog experiences a minor Eye Trauma (Debris in the Eye)

If your dog ill a boy eye trauma, such as acquiring some dust or debris in her eye, you have the right to wash that out with distilled water, and also then head come the vet. If you perform not have actually distilled water on hand, bottled water or sterile saline will additionally work in an emergency.

You probably don’t need to drive to the pet ER in the middle of the night, but you’ll want to achieve veterinary care first thing in the morning.

Your Dog has actually an Eye Infection

If your dog shows up to have an eye epidemic or some form of discharge, you’ll want to tenderness rinse the eye and also the surrounding area and also seek veterinary aid within around 12 hours (you not needed head come the vet in the middle of the night unless your dog shows up to it is in in significant pain).

Use sterile saline, distilled water, bottled water, or boiled-and-cooled tap water come rinse the end the eye, and also then gently wipe the area clean through some a sterile bandage.

Your Dog’s Eyes appear Irritated or Red

If your dog’s eyes simply seem contempt irritated or dry, you can use part lubricating, dog-safe eye drops. However, you’ll still want to call your vet and also solicit his or her advice. Her vet will most likely recommend comes in because that an exam, but you probably won’t have to drop everything and also jump in the car.

Just remember the any form of eye concern necessitates a speak to to your vet. As pointed out earlier, eye troubles can be an extremely painful, and they deserve to go indigenous “no huge deal” to “VERY huge deal” in a issue of hours.

Additional Dog Eye-Care Supplies

In addition to the eye drops and also eye washes discussed above, the a an excellent idea to save some simple eye-care gives in your dog an initial aid kit or medication cabinet at all times.

Sterile Saline

It’s constantly a good idea to have some sterile saline top top hand. This is the finest liquid obtainable for flushing debris from her dog’s eyes, such as may take place when he’s romping roughly on the beach or speak in the auto with the window down (incidentally, this yes, really isn’t a good idea, but we’re every guilty of letting Rover feeling the wind in his cheek flaps indigenous time come time).

Just note that sterile saline ceases gift sterile as soon as you open up it and use it, therefore it’s a one-time usage thing. Still, even though that may seem a little wasteful, sterile saline continues to be the very best liquid for flushing her dog’s eyes. Nevertheless, in a pinch, you have the right to use distilled water or boiled-and-cooled tap water.

Of course, if you’re on a camping trip or some other remote location and faced with a dog who has sand in his eyes, friend will need to use everything water resource you have. However this will boost the opportunities that he’ll build an infection.

Gauze and Bandages

You’ll desire to have some soft gauze bandages top top hand if her dog ever suffers a problem much more serious than some dirt in his eyes. This way, you’ll have the ability to protect the hurt area when you gain him to a vet. You’ll likewise need a role of gauze, i beg your pardon will assist keep the bandage in place.

Hopefully, you already have this items in your canine first-aid kit, however if not, go ahead and buy some and also stick that in your medication cabinet.

Common Eye difficulties in Dogs

Before you begin trying to soothe your dog’s eyes, you must familiarize yourself with few of the most common eye difficulties from which dog suffer. Below we’ll talk about a couple of of the many noteworthy problems (just note that this list is no exhaustive):

Injuries or Corneal Ulcers– A almost endless perform of things can result in eye injuries or corneal damage. Her pooch could end up getting jabbed in the eye through a stick if running through a forest, one more dog or cat could scratch that in the eye, or you might accidentally poke his eye during playtime. The relative damage caused will vary from one incidence come the next, yet just around any kind of eye injury warrants veterinarian attention.Debris in the Eye – Dirt, sand, grit, and also a litany of other things can acquire into your dog’s eyes — particularly under the third eyelid — and cause irritation. But no matter what kind of ingredient is in your dog’s eye, you’ll want to flush them through liberal amounts of sterile saline, distilled water, or boiled-and-cooled madness water (in that order of preference). In most cases, it will certainly be way to have actually your vet check your dog’s eye afterward, come ensure that his cornea hasn’t come to be scratched.Conjunctivitis – Conjunctivitis describes the inflammation of her dog’s inner eye. Favor epiphora, conjunctivitis have the right to spring indigenous several various root causes, however it most generally occurs in an answer to a bacter infection. Conjunctivitis isn’t a medical emergency, yet it can be painful and also requires treatment, for this reason you’ll want to view your vet and get come the bottom the the problem.Dry or excited Eyes – simple dry or irritated eyes are regularly caused by things favor allergies, publicly environments, dried indoor conditions, high dust levels, or perhaps after swimming in chlorinated swimming pool water. You can use any of the lubricating eye fall discussed above to administer some momentary relief, but you’ll desire to have actually your vet check out your doggo and also ensure that the trouble isn’t more serious.Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS) — Unfortunately, this condition is also called “dry eye,” however it refers to a certain condition, as opposed to fairly healthy eyes, which simply seem to gain dry native time come time. That most typically occurs as soon as a dog’s immune mechanism destroys the tear glands, but it likewise occurs once the nerves connecting to the tear glands become damaged. Treatment requires replacement tears and (usually) immune-suppressing eye drops.

Dog each other That space Predisposed to Eye Problems

Unfortunately, like countless other wellness conditions, eye troubles tend to be typical in some breeds — specifically those through protruding eyes, hairy faces, or drooping eyelids. Obviously, things favor eye injuries can occur to any four-footer, yet owners with among the adhering to breeds have to be especially observant of your dog’s eyes and watch out for the an initial signs the trouble.

BeaglesBloodhoundsBoston terriersBull terriersBulldogsCollies (most types)English springer spanielsGerman shepherdsGreat DanesHuskiesLhasa apsosMaltesesPekingesePoodlesPugsSaint BernardsShar-peisShih tzus

Preventing Eye Wounds: Canine Goggles come the Rescue!

As we mentioned at the outset, the best method to act eye injuries is to protect against them native happening in the an initial place.

Many eye injuries can be avoided by merely employing some typical sense. Nothing let your dog journey in the vehicle with his head hanging the end the window, don’t let your dog obtain too close come unfamiliar cat who may scratch him, and also use fist when allowing your dog to operation through forests and similar places where dangers abound.

It’s additionally a an excellent idea to hook your dog up with some safety goggles.

Dog goggles (or glasses) not just help administer protection from things favor sticks, dirt, and also debris, but they can additionally protect her dog from splashing water and other irritating (if not exactly dangerous) things. Plenty of of the ideal dog goggles even carry out UV protection, i m sorry may help prevent cataracts native forming.


Hopefully, friend now recognize that eye worries are no tiny matter and also that you’ll desire to do whatever you have the right to to defend your pooch’s peepers and resolve any wounds, infections, or other problems promptly. Yet while you’ll most likely need her vet’s assist to address any significant issues, that is tho a good idea to store some dog-safe eye drops in ~ the ready.

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Has your doggo ever suffered native an eye problem? just how did girlfriend treat it? Did her vet prescribe anything the was particularly effective? wednesday love come hear about your experiences in the comments below!

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