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I"m not using it for electric stuff yet have some brass and copper and nickel silver parts I want to solder with each other for structures and also track parts outside (switch was standing rods and such). I constantly hear no to use it from version railroaders but I"m assuming that is only for wiring and electrical connections.

Acid-core solder and also liquid acid fluxes are mostly for certain industrial situations. Because that our kind of work, stick through rosin flux. I favor the paste flux, through solid solder which deserve to be flattened and also cut right into narrow strips for fine work. Girlfriend can gain the same cleaning benefit that acid gives by rubbing the areas to be joined through a Scotchbrite pad or medium aluminum oxide paper, right prior to soldering, and also being cautious not come burn (overheat) the area if making use of a torch. Larry

thanks all; I"m assuming overheating/burning put a great of carbon or film the impeds the solder. I"m guilty the overheating.

Overheating usually happens as soon as you shot to solder v a torch. Perform not ever use acid core solder on electric wiring. The acid, if not fully removed, will certainly dissolve the copper wire. I have used acid core solder through a big iron when soldering nickel silver- switch components in HO. The switches are still there after 30 years so it need to not be as well bad. Cleanup is still a must. Mountain is additionally used because that soldering copper plumbing. Various other than those uses, I indicate rosin core and an appropriate sized soldering steel will do the job. I execute not usage a soldering iron because that anything. I uncover that the frequently are too slow to warmth up and also then gain too warm to usage easily.

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Acid core flux has gelled muriatic acid. Its used for soldering galvanized paper metal, choose galvanized eavestroughs and also ducting. The acid"s task is come etch the zinc surface ar of the galvanized metal so the the solder can circulation into the etched pits ~ above the surface ar and enable the solder to hold. After ~ soldering, friend clean it up with a good scrub that soapy water if you want the steel to last.
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