You shouldn’t cook over most common fire logs, together as a continual Duraflame Firelog. The residue off of the logs can add a funky flavor to her food, and also since castle generally create only a flame and also no coals, castle aren’t yes, really the best fire logs for food preparation anyway.

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Remember that any kind of fuel resource you cook over becomes component of what you’re eating. A most the fire logs that you’ll find in the supermarket are made the sawdust and petroleum wax. As soon as you burn them, some of the petroleum wax doesn’t completely burn off, but is rather released into the air together a vapor that can resolve onto your food, leaving noxious flavors that could potentially also make girlfriend sick.

There room some fire logs the end there that room designed for cooking, or purport come be perfect for cooking. We’ve made decision to provide them a shot to see exactly how well castle perform.

In testing each fire log, we shed them in a Weber Kettle Grill, all with the same vent settings. Because that the flavor test, us used continuous Oscar Meyer wieners. The soft flavor of the wieners assisted us to detect any kind of odd flavors and odors.

Duraflame Roasting Logs

Burn Time: The flames lasted about an hour and also a fifty percent and left behind coals that ongoing to smolder. Back the instructions proclaimed the fire logs would certainly burn around two hours, our smoldered because that over 4 hours. Castle left a small amount the ash after lock finally burned out.


Burn Type: low flames for a duration of time and also then coals. Fairly an excellent for food preparation over.


Difficulty in lighting: fairly easy. The instructions introduce lighting the document at the end of the log. One log in lit properly. On the various other firelog, the record burned turn off on the ends and also went out. We provided a knife to score the end of the log and finally obtained it re-lit.

Flavor: irradiate charcoal flavor. The instructions indicated that you have to let the fire logs burn down for 45 minutes to one hour prior to cooking (which us followed).

Pros: great low flame and coals to cook over. Because each individual package comes with 4 smaller sized logs inside, it can be take away apart and fewer logs packed for lighter weight.

Cons: Overall, us were an extremely happy v these firelogs. Us weren’t also happy v the long period that the logs smoldered, yet that was only a boy issue. Simply be certain to have actually a water source nearby come douse your flames before leaving her campsite.

Duraflame Roasting Logs – obtain it from Amazon


CleanFlame Firelogs

Burn Time: A little over three hours (the package referred to as for three hours on the large logs). Left a huge amount of file ash after ~ it melted out (the type that blows all over the place at the slightest breeze).


Burn Type: greatly a large fire, although the took some time to construct up. The fire stays big until that burns chin out. Not ideal for food preparation over.


Difficulty in lighting: basic to light.

Flavor: Neutral flavor, back the wieners had a slight odor.

Pros: Okay because that roasting marshmallows.

Cons: The continuous large fire is unreasonable for many cooking, uneven all you want to perform is roast marshmallows. Due to the fact that the logs space made indigenous compressed wax spanned cardboard, it creates a many of paper ash, which will blow about at the slightest breeze. Odd odor on the food cooked over it (we prefer our food to smell like food).


CleanFlame Firelogs – obtain it from Amazon

 – no Recommended

Prologue Grill and Firelogs

Burn Time: an ext than 3 hours. May be shorter, depending on how you construct your fire.


Burn Type: comparable to a continual wood fire. An alleged to burn hotter than consistent wood (not tested).


Difficulty in lighting: really difficult. The instructions let you know you’ll require some kindling. Unfortunately, because that the test, i didn’t have anything I can use. I had to cheat with some charcoal lighter fluid. You’ll need plenty of kindling to acquire it going and to store it going.

Flavor: terrific hickory flavor. These fire logs room nothing but compressed hickory sawdust so, if you’re trying to find a natural wood fire v no additives, the the way to go.

Pros: great flavor, no unnatural additives.

Cons: heavy for your size. Difficult to light and maintain your fire. This are certainly not the form of fire logs that you have the right to just irradiate by themselves and also walk away from.

Prologue Grill & Fire Logs – get it from Amazon


While we don’t believe that any kind of of the fire logs are better than cooking over natural wood coals, they are handy to have in some parks where timber fires space prohibited. If friend ask nicely, they’ll sometimes let you usage firelogs in the fire-rings at your campsite due to the fact that they don’t placed off sparks favor a usual wood fire. Generally, if they’ll enable charcoal fires, they’ll permit fire logs.

Having a couple of fire logs on-hand (that friend can chef over) will make her camping expedition much much easier if there’s a lack of available firewood, or it’s all wet. Us usually store a pair of the Duraflame Roasting Logs

through our camping gear just in case. They’re a lot less complicated than carrying around a bag the charcoal.

The point to remember, is the for optimal cooking conditions, a huge fire doesn’t work that well. Don’t intend these firelogs to put out a substantial flame prefer a usual fire log in would. If it did, your food would be burned on the outside and raw on the inside.

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Do you know another brand that firelogs out there that space safe to chef over? let us know in the comment section. We’d favor to check it out.