A lot of people have ferrets together pets. However can they eat guinea pig food? The short answer is no. Ferrets are not allowed to eat guinea pig food.

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Guinea pigs and also many other little mammals (such together rats) are rodent family members, and also ferrets have to avoid rodent-type food. Ferrets space strict meat-eaters. That means they need to eat no vegetables, fruits, or grains.

Why can’t Ferrets eat Guinea Pig Food?

Guinea Pigs belong come the family of Rodents, and also ferrets belong to the family of Mustelidae. The is biologically not possible for a ferret come digest guinea pig food.

Vegetables save on computer a great deal of cellulose and also fiber the ferrets may have actually trouble digesting.

The diet the a ferret is really different from the diet the a guinea pig. They space both mammals but in other families. Ferrets room meat-eaters. Guinea pigs are herbivores and therefore have various nutritional needs than ferrets.

Guinea pigs normally live on a diet of hay and also grass, which is enough for their dietary needs.

Ferrets count on eat meat for their survival, and also they have to be fed the diet that is suitable for them.

Can Ferrets Eat Guinea Pigs?

Ferrets room obligate carnivores. If living in the wild, their food would certainly consist of small rodents, such together rats, mice, rabbits, and also Guinea Pigs.

That’s why the is not recommended to store ferrets in the exact same cage together guinea pigs or any type of other member the the rodent family, as they deserve to be easily assaulted by ferrets.

But, a ferret’s playful and curious nature renders it a good companion for many larger house pets. Ideal supervision and also caution are crucial to introductions, however.

We carry out not recommend introducing ferrets to birds, rabbits, rodents, including hamsters, gerbils, and also guinea pigs, as well as reptiles.

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What other foods items are negative for Ferrets?

Ferrets must not it is in fed fruit or vegetables as their high carbohydrate levels deserve to predispose them to insulinoma. Additionally, the fiber in plant-based foods could reason severe troubles with the ferret’s digestive system.

Why Ferrets require Meat?


Ferrets are strict carnivores and also therefore need meat come thrive. Ferrets need meat because that the nutrients current in those meats prefer iron, vitamins, and also minerals essential for your health.

Ferrets require to have actually a continuous supply that food. A ferret generally eats 6-7 time a day.

This is because of the truth that these pets come with a very high metabolism rate. Ferrets eat up to 8% of their body weight in food every day.

Examples that meat ferrets deserve to eat:

beefchickenchicken wingsbones (raw)lambgame birdsgoatorgans (liver)rabbitturkeyturkey necksvenisonwhole eggsfish (tuna – yet only sometimes)whole prey (feeder mice)

The meat requirements to it is in fresh and also of good quality. Countless ferrets that were to buy in larger pet stores flourished up gift fed just ferret dry food. And while kibble gives all nutrition a ferret needs, it need to be supplemented v meat from time to time.

Ferrets space imprinted to the foodstuffs they like and care about by the age of 6 months. If her ferret had not consumed raw meat before, possibilities are that you’ll have actually to gradually introduce meat to your diet.


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Add a piece of chicken breast to their kibble and see what happens. Mix the kibble through water and also add small pieces of chicken come it.

It will take a while, yet the services of raw and also fresh meat for her ferret outweigh the bad.

Benefits of fresh Meat for Ferrets

Raw meat is great source the nutrition because that ferrets. Life meat contains enzymes and also hormones that job-related in the body and specifically target the digestive system of ferrets.

Just favor cats, the ferret organism have the right to not develop taurine. Taurine is discovered in meat only. Taurine is an essential to both the heart and also the eye of a ferret.

To make sure your pets receives enough taurine, girlfriend should provide meat indigenous raw sources for lock on a stylish basis.

Keeping her pet healthy and balanced is crucial for both their long-term health and well-being and also their happiness (how would certainly you feel eating the very same stuff job in day out?).

Raw Diet

For ferrets to get whatever they need from a meat diet, they have to eat it fresh. To buy a range of raw meat and bones and prepare your weekly meals ahead.

You can always use kibble as the communication of your ferrets’ diet and include in raw meat and also bones together treats. Carry out not make the mistake of feeding them only kibble because you space too lazy to prepare all those can be ~ of meat.

Bones must be listed while they are still fresh and also natural. If you purchase a bone from the supermarket, it will still be an ideal for her pet because that up to three days.

Use airtight containers and freeze the meat. Thaw it the end in the frozen fridge or microwave, no at room temperature. Let her pet eat it as shortly as it defrosts and also use the rest for later on meals.


Ferrets should not eat Guinea Pig Food. Guinea pigs eat plants – Ferrets need to eat meat. Ferrets deserve to not digest Guinea Pig Food and should no eat it. Ferrets are carnivores and require meat to thrive.

They need meat for the nutrients existing in those meats like iron, vitamins, and minerals necessary for their health. Ferrets need to have actually a constant supply of food. A ferret generally eats 6-7 time a day.

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This is since of the truth that this pets come through a really high management rate. Ferrets eat approximately 8% of their body load in food every day. The meat requirements to be fresh and also of an excellent quality.

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